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  1. Paul, i love your MCR Kitchens.. Will you prepare once a Kitchen for the S2? Or will you just finish your work on LG 2X..? Or are you just too satisfied with the S2 and will leave it out? Nevertheless... no hurry, just want to know your plan ;-)
  2. Thanks, but i got no success 1. did not work in english :-( 2. did not work :-( 3. will try it later on
  3. Using now FR18b2 for some days and it works quite fine, but i found some bugs, which are not existing on older ROMs and also happen after full wipe & reflash: - When opening browser and start a search with the search button, i always land only on google page, without showing any results. - Some Apps won't install and give installation error "Installation on the USB storage or SD-card failed" one tested App "CPH Airport" or "Flightradar24" - working on older MCR ROM and same phone. (also when SD Card is mounted!) - SD-Card disappears very often, and it works again after re-inserting SD-Card (Sandisk Mobile Ultra 16GB)
  4. i baked FR18b2 with LG Dialer and have no special battery drain. But i'm not sure if this will stay like this *ggg*
  5. @planeth: Actually i don't really need AOSP or LG dialer directly, as i use Touchpal Dialer. But at the moment i'll stay with this ROM. And on Friday i go on Holiday for 2 1/2 weeks, and i can't wait for all the new stuff which will happen in the meantime :-D
  6. I always cooked the AOSP Dialer+Contacts. With FR18b2 i cooked first time the original LG dialer -- and i have no battery drain. Has someone same experience?
  7. Of course it would be great to have it in the kitchen, but.... - when he puts battery circle mod Version x to the kitchen, the people will ask for - circle mod Version y and then for - Version Z - Oh wait, it would be great to have all options of whole UOT Kitchen here as well... http://uot.dakra.lt/ But come on... Paul is doing a absolute great job on the O2X even he already has the GS2 which he seems to love, but is coding and modding still for the o2x. And he already said he do not really want to add it to the kitchen. So, please.. be happy with his work and don't bother him with this little things. This guide is working fine, do it on your own, it just takes few minutes and is really easy. How-to: http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-optim...e-mod-for-fr18/ Cirle Battery Mods-Downloads: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=724778
  8. Paul, is it possible to download your kernel in a seperate CWM .zip? As of battery drain, i go back to another ROM :-( but want to use your latest Kernel... Thanks!
  9. Just my 2 cents about battery drain. Maybe it helps Paul or someone else to identify the root cause? At least i've installed always the same apps, so it shouldn't be the cause for it... This is what i posted in the MCR Thread...
  10. Paul, your ROM is really great, but i always have battery drain on your ROM, no matter which Version. I was now using WGSpoelstra Rom 1.5a http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1032419 which is based on http://romkitchen.org/ There i couldn't reconize any strange battery drain (e.g. on telephone) and i was really satisfied. Maybe this helps you to identify the telehone-drain-issue (really want to go back to MCR, love your work!)
  11. Paul, one offtopic question: is it possible to add (during kitchen) one file to the zip which lists all used kitchen options?
  12. damn, agps was turned off. Switched it on, after few seconds i get full gps fix :unsure:
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