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  1. i like it. i'll finally get a new windows mobile standard to change my imate sp3i
  2. buhay pa ba mga tao dito???
  3. i'm selling my benq p50... i got it last july... i'm selling it because i'm got the qtek 9100 on order already... also selling my xda 2 mini, complete... bought last march 2005... if there are any offers.. please post here or pm me... i'm not familiar with the going rate for this items as 2nd hand so just let me know your reasonable offers... thanks
  4. i acquired a benq p50 yesterday... and i'm posting pics of the unit here.... i'll be using it over the weekend and see what it can do... the pictures are taken with my imate sp3i since the charger of my digital camera is busted and i can't get it to work. first off, the device is made of plastic as compared to the xda series which are made of aluminum... the battery is like the old ericsson phones in that the battery is also the cover in the back... it feels ok to hold and grip and not as bulky as my old xda2... but longer than my xda2 mini because of the keyboard... will post further reviews and screen captures soon!
  5. no problem.... you can upgrade the the RAM of your mini just like upgrading the ram of the smart amazing phone
  6. ----- 1) i have an xda 2 mini and it has a wired stereo headset that came with unit and it's a 2.5 mm jack compatible with the old xda 2's headset... so you can use it as an mp3 player... it doesn't have a 3.5 mm jack which is the standard for mp3 players... it uses the standard jack for phones (2.5 mm)... but the headset quality is great and if you want to use a high 3.5 mm headphones, you can just use 2.5 to 3.5 mm adapter... and there's a male jack too, so you can connect this to the home stereo system 2) the speed... it actually has a faster processor than the xda 2... which had an inte xscalel 400 mghz, the mini has an intel buleverde with 433 mghz speed... the amount of ram makes a difference when your installing large programs... but you can use an SD card for that... it also becomes apparent when you're multitasking... so close other large memory resident programs before you use another one. and it has 64 mb ROM just like the xda2 but it has 64 mb RAM unlike the xda2's 128 mb... but you can upgrade the RAM if you really want to... 3) wifi isn't built in but you can you can use SDIO wifi card and if you need memory... you can use the Sandisk 256 mb + wifi card which is compatible with this device! (the only pda phone that's compatible with it.) ..... please make sure about your sources before you make an assertion about a device... thanks and yes all o2 asia products are unlock regarding networks and it has built in program for configuring it with either globe or smart or even sun cellular... (i'm using the unit supplied by smart with my globe sim card)
  7. rodnav

    EB Thread

    bukas na lang??? sa manila na ako tomorrrow!
  8. rodnav

    EB Thread

    ---- i won't be available on the 9th.... puede kaya 7? let's set it up soon so i can fix my sched.
  9. rodnav

    EB Thread

    April 8... check ko sched ko...
  10. na overload yung server sa airfagev... lumilipat si sir Rey sa dedicated server...
  11. what have you tried? have you properly tried to connect your activesync to accept pass through internet connection?
  12. http://www.infosyncworld.com/news/n/5863.html this phone looks great 2 camera... 2mp and .3mp with mini sd slot 64 mb internal memory i just hope its windows mobile 2005
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