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  1. Thanks! Went for a soft reset though, as I didn't have that stuff on there. Well, I say that now but there's bound to be something I miss!
  2. Hi, My C550 is saying I have only 1MB on board staorage left, but I have no media files, programs etc that would be using the resources. Is there a quick way I can see which folders are using all the space? Thanks, Paul.
  3. Don't really see the point of paying $20 when you can do all that with stuff that's on windows anyway!
  4. Yeah, o/s = operating system. Doesn't really sound like it's worth the upgrade imo. Thanks for the info!
  5. Been offered one for a free upgrade on Orange (of course). Quite tempted. But is it worth it? A big factor is the headphone jack size (sounds silly I know). But the O/s is the same as my C500 isn't it?
  6. Looks pretty horrible imo, and wouldn't the weird screen ratio cause problems for some apps? Like all the other moto razr, slvr things, it's thin but wide (but I'm biased cause I'm not a fan of them).
  7. Hi there, I've only got about 3MB of storage left out of the 28MB on the phone. Windows explorer would be an ideal way of working out what's taking up the room, but it doesn't detial folder sizes, grrr. Is there a program that will tell me where all my storage is going, folder & file sizes etc? Cheers!
  8. I agree, I think the TV licence is a joke. And why should it cost about 4 times more just because you have a colour set??
  9. In the pick the screen is lanscape, I presume it goes to portrait when closed up?
  10. Yeah, sorry, C500 :roll: Thanks! ;)
  11. I use Pipex netmail, unless I mark the email for deletion and then do a send/ receive to clear it off the server it's still there when I get home. I don't think it will be deleted straight away if you S/R from your phone.
  12. Hi, Is it possible to set the start menu back to the default settings? I've moved stuff around and put it in different folders etc, but now the shortcuts on some homescreens won't link to the program as the shortcut in the start menu has moved. I'm no whizz at XML so figured putting ym start menu back would be easiest. I don't really want to reset the whole phone, as I've installed quite a bit on there. Failing that, does anyone have a 'map' of what the default start menu looks like? Thanks! ;)
  13. Sorry to go a bit off topic here, but I remember a thread about HTC/ Orange replacing dusty units, if I call Orange will they send me a new phone. also, when's the C550 out? Right, looking forward to this update, any major changes apart form WMP10? Thanks!
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