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  1. No wipe and perfect upgrade, thanks Paul
  2. Hi Paul, great work, one problem I'm having is with the Desire camera app, when r2 is flashed my wifi doesn't work, tried with CM and MCR and I have to use r2 because the one baked in the kitchen FC's. Any idea?
  3. i Have a N1 in perfect condion and would love a desire, I'm happy to pay for postage
  4. No sweat, worked it out, running a21 custom rom, sweet mate!
  5. I managed to get the seriall number up om XP but when I tried to install the superboot for the correct version it always failed, and on re start no unlock icon shows, what am I doing wrong?
  6. Man I've tried windows, mac and linux and can't unlock bootloader, I need exact directions for each, I'm going mad!
  7. 1.9 worked perfectly for me execpt the HTC_IME keyboard, kept quitting when I select touch input, any ideas?
  8. Hey Paul, Thanks for all this, I flashed the ere27 with superboot/himem and I can't seem to get SU or any root access for applications, has this happened B4
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