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  1. I am glad that it isn't all that much better than my Nexus 1. I will keep it and not upgrade. There are not enough features to justify $530. I may take that money and get an Android Tablet when one comes around that I like. Of the things it adds, there really isn't anything that I have to have. I am happy with the display on the N1. I don't care about the 2nd camera because the only people I know that have 2 are on iPhones and who knows if I would be able to use it with them. Even if I could I don't see the advantage of being able to see them while I talk to them. The biggest thing I will say about it is that it is about dang time that they bumped up the ROM size. How long have we been battling this crap with running out of space unless you root the phone and go with A2SD. Ok at first it was to keep costs down but really if we had 4 or 8GB ROM and a micro SD slot I would be plenty happy and we wouldn't have to worry about ROMS growing to the point were they consume all storage or a huge jump in cost. Is the lack of a micro SD a killer for me, no. However it would be nice to move my card over. While it wouldn't go to waste. I have some of those adapters that convert micro to regular SD so I would just keep it for another memory card for one of my cameras or Garmin GPS. So in the end, I am glad it isn't all that. I have read talk of dual core processors on the horizon as well as speeds in the 1.3 - 1.5 GHz range. That is what I will hold out for. Also I will say that my next phone will likely be an HTC as I have liked this one and my G1. I really like Sense UI but we will have to see what Android 3 brings as there were rumors that it won't be needed anymore. Sense UI was a frustrating part of the N1. While it is great to have so I can get an Exchange Client that actually works like I want so I don't have to use Touchdown, and the Facebook integration is much better than Google's. The down side is that it was nice to get OS updates right away without having to wait for HTC to work out the bugs.
  2. Where did you download it from? I went to the HTC site http://www.htc.com/www/SupportDownload.asp...3&dl_id=982 and it is asking for my SN: When I enter the SN for my N1 it doesn't accept it which makes sense because it is trying to download it for a Desire Phone. Under Nexus One there is no download option.
  3. I did a search for Nexus One T Mobile APN and found the settings. It just completed the rebuild and I entered them. Works like a charm. I went back a couple pages looking and didn't see anything. I guess I didn't go back far enough. Anyhow, I am connected with 3G now. I might need to reflash the radio again though. I think I am on an older build right now trying to fix the issue. Thanks again.
  4. Does that need to be done on T-Mobile in the US? I did a quick google search and I think I found the settings. I am going to go back to R22 and try them. Thanks
  5. I have been running R21 for quite a while and love it. I saw R22 yesterday and got around to cooking a ROM and installing it today. The only thing I did differently was include the Radio Update. It installed fine and seemed OK (button backlights) but I don't have a data connection anymore. I tried older Radio Images still nothing. I went back to R21 and the data connection works. So once again I went back to R22, yep no data. Oh well it is just rebooting from going back to R21. Anyone have any ideas?
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