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  1. i have found this is it possible for B7610???? http://www.xda-developers.com/android/vide...rom-on-htc-hd2/
  2. kann mich der meinung nur anschliesen bekomme nur kein Titanium weather plug und kein App launcher plug beim bliss theme rein
  3. Ey geil danke teste die jetzt mal gleich schreib gleich wenn alles klappt
  4. Ich bin auch dabei!!! Lad die mal hoch bin auch gerade an einer megalite version aber===???? kann dauern Kannst du mal so ein paar fakten zu deiner rom geben sowas wie RAM und ROM und was du alles gelöscht hast und was furn Build das ist und ob du die ganzen registry einstellungen für ZB camera gemacht hast
  5. i Have a .rar just copy all Data to /windows you can open Made manager in Windows and make a Shortcut to Start menu Samsung_Mode_Switcher_Clock.rar
  6. I have tried to make this but i dont know to change the Text Color so i made this (first Release) [ And This Today_purple_Black.rar Today_White.rar
  7. Here is my today and my own German Translate Mui for englisch Roms Here is the link German Today
  8. In the Attachment is a German Translate for Samsung Today only for English ROMS!! Also im anhang ist eine Deutsche komplett Übersetztung für die Daskalos Megalite roms http://www.megaupload.com/?d=V0DKEI7W
  9. I'am sure i spoke for all users when I say your work is wonderful and I have a request, can you make a tutorial To chanche the rom Languages in Kitchen Then you have to do not so much and we can change the language self PLEASE make a giude :( And thanks 4 the work
  10. Hey daskalos can u help me with porting Languages from 1 Rom too another Rom can u make a Guide???? than i upload the German MEgalite
  11. Can anyone make a samsung software package with all new and old apps from samsung, for example touch player and Settings DASKALOS make the Best ROMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. i neeed the cab for volume control the cab from 23459 dosent work for me
  13. yes i can confirm after flash it come the Samsung screen and than a Black screen please fix it Fast i Love ur ROMS Nice Work
  14. i have Installed WOW hd for S2P and now there come a screen there is no HD Driver Loaded but i have checked all settings and REG's(search on all websites i think any .dll is missing in this rom) Anyone can Help me its very s***
  15. hi daskalos i have a little problem i use S2P and S2U2 but S2P have a bad sound i want install WOW HD SOUND BUT everytime i get the message (No HD DRIVER Loaded , The Panel ist Exit Now) Can u help me maybe a Driver dll or another Problem??? THX 4 Help
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