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  1. Can you install CWM without rooted device and then flash some stock rooted ROM? If so where can i find good version of CWM?Thanks in advance for your answer!
  2. Lawl well why not try and fit there teh battery from ZTE v9a light tab 2,it has 3400 mAh,it is a bit longer but i think it will be better than those two :o.My ZTE v9a battery lasts for two days with gaming and surfing over 3g and WiFi.
  3. I have installed this ROM three days ago(hasn't been shut down in that time) and it works perfect,no crashes and glitches and screen is responsive. Great job!
  4. Wait,HQ video is now working?If so that great news and great effort from you guys,thanks for your hard work!!!
  5. can someone please tell me the name of the music player used in this ROM?Please?
  6. Ye you can turn that off so your Wi Fi stays on when screen goes off.When you are in Wi Fi settings go to advanced settings and there you have WiFi sleep policy,just set it to never switch to mobile data when screen goes to sleep.I hope this was helpful.
  7. Can someone tell me what is the name of that awesome music player used in this ROM?
  8. This ROM is great and all but...... is proximity working on it?I cant seem to make it work right.If it should be working can someone tell me what to do?Mine doesnt seem to response at all,there is a fix if it goes black or something of that kind but mine just isnt doing anything :)Thanks in advance!
  9. Tilal you are doing a great job,and am grateful that you are doing all of this for us,our skates would be somewhat boring phones if there weren't people like you.Thank you for your effort!
  10. Could it be that it has something with my WiFi/ADSL?Maybe its somehow blocking access? WiFi works well with stock ROM which i got with the phone when i bought it and 4.x.x ROM-s
  11. Awesome ROM,great sound and awesome music player.I have instaled Holo ICS launcher and now its like 100% ICS when you look at it tho not as smooth,but still awesome.
  12. Has anyone tried if shadowgun can be played on our skates?
  13. Ok here is the problem,whenever i connect to a wifi network,it keeps interrupting data stream ,when i try and watch youtube videos it always loads just 10 seconds of the video and stops,and when i try n download apps from google play i have re download two or three times to get it done.I haven't had this problem with my stock ROM or ICS or JB.Atm im using Atomicmod 2.3.5(and its same with any other custom ROM but ICS and JB) and i still have the same problem.Sorry if there is already post with this question and hopefully someone will know how to help. Thanks in advance!
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