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  1. Hi! Finally, i'm a happy i8000 owner :D The device is brand new and ready for first start. It has obviusly li-ion battery and so my question is: what to do now? charge it till it's full or use it till it's dead and than charge? I've recently read that li-ion batteries shouldn't be used till device turns itself off, but i wanted to be sure and ask some experienced users. BTW It's my first WM and touchscreen device, so please be understanding :D
  2. So there is no hardware registry, or something like that, software independent, that could indicate device up time? And some code to check this value? I know, sounds like sci-fi a bit, but maybe there is a kind of mechanism.
  3. First of all HELLO to everyone, since I'm new here. Now to the point: I'm planning to buy a "new" Omnia i8000 from GSM Store/Service. The salesman says: "It's brand new and was never turned on", but who can tell? So my question is: Is there any way to check if the device was ever turned on or even used? Round 430$ is quite a lot of money, so better be sure about what you buy... Of course I'll be able to turn it on in the store, before I finalize the transaction. Thanks for all answers and hints! PS Sorry for my english, but I hope you get my problem ;)
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