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  1. s u r rite cleaning cookies will solve the problem r remove the sd card unmount the internal storage and back up ur all needs the go for restore factory settings now the phone will restart then in computer u must update the kies firmware by clicking the top left corner button which has update kies firmware it will take 1 r 2 min then connect ur phone in kies mode will connect sure ... most importantly connect to the back usb on computer dont connect in front.....
  2. goodbye to omnia pro am moved to galaxy s simply amazing no more lags now.......
  3. wow the projector looks cool it will be nice in 40 inch excellent view nice phone for projector....... and today i just bought the phone samsung galaxy s i9000 it looks amazing with its speed super amoled is nasty and1gh processor with full support 3d graphics , 512 ram , 2gb rom is something big i never seen it lags till now and ram never goes down till now but there is no led for cam is the upset any way pro will full fill that am confused with nexus and galaxy but finally got galaxy bec it has super amoled and front video call cam which u dont find in nexus so galaxy is better but am worried about the update samsung never give us update am still using the omnia pro bec of daskalos.......
  4. i personally felt android phones r lot better no colour limitations and more advance than winmo but y did u select the phone that has same 256 ram and 512 rom.... i think u got it for projector k fine have a nice time with new phone.... am waiting for the gingerbread phones
  5. my friend yest bought htc desire looks nice and solid... the android os 2.2 looks promising no colour limitations much stable and faster.. windows dies and taken the update hope from us ..........
  6. just reflash and set the performance to auto then check the applications works.. if same problem exists then disable sense and try out in windows default home screen it shud work remember when using sense the ram goes down to 35-40 so it might hang sometimes its not the issue we r facing for first time in tis mobile and the csc version is not the problem am using the same version
  7. dont use the s3clock just use auto performance its better wont freeze in any applications
  8. battery drains very fast when done soft reset any tweaks for battery long stands......
  9. can some help me change this phone option to samsung phone book.... i find to change this option in some post to edit some in reg but i couldnt find that now so pls help to change this
  10. if anyone wana new browser can try this it can play all the flash contents.... http://gallery.mobile9.com/f/1421704/
  11. can some one provide the cab for java... i cant install any java application in this rom so pls help....
  12. change performance to normal (not auto r high) and overlock the s3 clock to 900mhz thats the best setting for cam and other application but sometimes opera hangs
  13. make sure u flashed a rite rom... it is names as easy set s3 clock and advance config icon will be like tool box with spanners and screw drivers check out ....
  14. ya this problem exists in previous 6.5.3 rom the back light turns on every 10 to 15 sec and the time changes randomly and when u press the unlock button it changes time ..... this problem is on sense i think ajshem must have to solve this
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