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  1. waaaaooow... this ROM is fast! :D and stable.. thanks a lot thunder..
  2. why do not you believe in yourself? I think that domination is a bad thing. And the competition is fun. For example, you can be more creative by making cool custom ROM. Or you can make JE2 megalite WM6.5 ROM. Daskalos had not seemed interested in this ROM version. Or really customize this ROM with third party softwares. the point is, be more creative .. and do not be pessimistic .. if I have time that much, I will make a great ROM, and upload it here .. I do not even have time to customizing megalite ROMs, & at the end, I only download ROMs megalite and keep it in my hard drive ..
  3. :-( i guess i was wrong.. sorry about that.. wont happen again..
  4. so the standard HP6965 mms software also is a plugin and not a standar WM5 software? a thought the MMS is built in with the messaging feature.. i've tried the arcsoft's mms, but i dont know whats the problem, but it crash on my phone & wont send any sms, mms, or email.. just hang when i try to compose new message.. i haven't tried it with daskalos's ROM tough.. about the autoclose patch from chainfire.. i've installed it, with the ultra too.. but, still got th?e autoclose bug with opera 9.. i presume the opera 9 is a very high memory consuming program.. so the opera 10 is less??
  5. i wonder.. whats the best setting for battery saving for high or auto.. some say that auto is worse than high, because it keep switching alot.. high is more stable? is that true?
  6. Yeah!!! why the hell is this problem going on?? how come my previous HP hw6965, an dinosaur age PDA phone with WM5 can do mms while in WM standard messaging. But, in the new millennium age like B7610 with a WM6.1, WM6.5, WM6.5.3, even a WM6.5.5 cannot do MMS in standard WM messaging composer.. this sucks! i have to switch to samsung's heavy & slow messaging composer to do MMS?? why bother to have a beautiful interface if its slow as slug..? secondly.. the free RAM.. the autoclosing problems.. its soo annoying.. my previous HP hw6965 only have 5 MB RAM left and can still going & going.. and never closes auto close programs.. i love my samsung B7610.. i really do.. but this bugs sucks big time!
  7. will somebody update this bookmark???
  8. i think daskalos is wise enough to chose what apps is heavy consumption in memory, & what is not..
  9. btw, why use IL2 if bro cappuccina here got no wifi problem?
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