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  1. gr8gorilla

    How do you feel about buying Gameloft games?

    I bought a couple of games from them, but I change phones 2or3 times a year. The game is only good for the device u purchased it for. Change phones = purchase games again. I will never buy another game from them unless they are in the market.
  2. MIUI Dev Team Just built English v1.1.22 for the HTC Desire HD. I have ported the build to the MT4G, First thing this morning for all you MIUI lovers! This is the very latest MIUI build, and it is 2.2.1 froyo based. I can't say that this will run better or worse or any different at all from eViL's port. The major difference is that my port comes from a device that is almost identical to ours. So this build is almost made for our device. I have tested the camera(both miui and stock) and Wifi, cell data, MIUI Theme downloader, FM Radio, tools, and music. All of this seems to be working. There is no FFC at this time. If you download and use this ROM and find any bugs, please let me know. As Usual, you can get to my ROMS through my site here: Gr8GorillaDev The changelog is also available there on my site as well. Original MIUI ROM can be found Here I am not responsible for any bad stuff that may happen by flashing this, enjoy the new ROM. I appreciate any and all feedback.
  3. gr8gorilla

    DHD Rom For MT4G

    My ROM now has a second Theme! I ported the Revolution Theme from Desire HD! Come to my site and get it!
  4. gr8gorilla

    DHD Rom For MT4G

    My ROM now has a theme! Screen shots below! Get it on my website under Themes and Add-ons!
  5. gr8gorilla

    DHD Rom For MT4G

    I have ported the DHD Rom to the MT4G. At t his time Everything is working! Downloads, Changelogs, and credits are on my site. Come here and get a nice clean New Sense look and feel to your MT4G! Get GorillaSense for you MT4G here!
  6. The pre-baked version is not Deodexed. Just making you aware.
  7. gr8gorilla

    clockworkmod can't find BOOT

    I am having this issue as well, I could really use the fix for this!
  8. gr8gorilla

    Will we get Cyanogen Mod for the Galaxy?

    Koush aka clockwork said on twitter that he had a rough recovery working on the galaxy. I think things will start to kick into gear when that falls into place!
  9. I saw a few days ago when Cyanogen was working on the EVO that Paul asked him if he should do a vendor overlay for the Galaxy-S. The reply was that that would be awesome because cyan hadn't slept in two days because of EVO. So I am wondering what if any progress has been made towards this endeavor?
  10. gr8gorilla

    [Request] Custom Recovery Image

    @clockworkmod said that he had a dirty recovery working on the galaxy but he needed to make some tweaks
  11. gr8gorilla

    MCR r21 Archive

    +1 Me too!
  12. TEAM n0ob FIRST RELEASE! Ok, after my OverClock How-To, I decided to play with overclocking and see what exactly can be gained from stock Max regulator Voltage (1.3v). I have found that at stock you can get up to around 1.15ghz. It is slightly faster than what pershoots kernel runs (38400khz). As persiansown says, the standard stock voltage is set to 1275, and the regulator is maxed at 1.3v. What Kind of gains will you see? You will notice a difference in games like Asphalt, that use a lot processor. You will notice a decrease in battery life as well. Your linpack scores will vary from about 8.5-9.5 depending on your chip. I have included pershoots undervolting, 8mb ramhack, and audio hack as well. The experimental Rotohammer fix for the headphone jack is compiled in as well, along with several optimizations, following in the footsteps of the Ivan/intersectRaven Kernels. (You could say we KANGED pershoot and just added two frequencies above his) The frequencies in the kernel from 1113300-1152000 are at stock voltage(1.3v), and I have included the relevant source files. As such they "should" be safe. You never know though! The recommendation of Team n0ob, is to use set CPU to set your phone to a frequency below 1.11ghz unless you need the extra power for something. Otherwise your battery life will suck and you will stress your processor for no reason. The included files are not in an update.zip, this is zImage, and bcm4329.ko file only. If flashing this through fastboot is over your head, then you probably don't understand the risks and shouldn't use this anyway! This is confirmed working on CM-5.0.6-N1. WARNING!!! THE LONG TERM EFFECTS OF OVERCLOCKING YOUR PROCESSOR CAN INCLUDE: 1. SHORTENED PROCESSORY LIFE 2. OVERHEATING 3. REDUCED BATTERY LIFE 4. BRICKED (IE DEAD DEVICES) Download Here! Changed optimizations to VFPv3. I ask that if you notice anything funny that you flash to a more tested kernel and notify this board immediately. This kernel is at stock voltage, but the increased speeds could have adverse effects. Please let us know if you notice any. Team n0ob takes no responsibility for any damage that may occur to your device. Credits: pershoot( thanks for the hard work), Kmobs (same), intersectRaven, Ivan (for beginning optimization trend), Rotohammer(experimental headphone fix), Cyanogen for awesome roms (whose source this is pulled from), chris soyars, and coolbho? (probably screwed up your screen name) Team n0ob Testers: jlevey, DAMNiaTX Hell! (Thanks) __________________
  13. Paul, What portion if the boot image are the camera files in? Can I flash a zImage over this and it still work? If not can I split the boot.img, add in the scorpion acpu clock with the voltage and freqs that I want and then merge it back together? I am pretty sure I can but just wondering where exactly the code is, and is the source available somewhere?
  14. The new features are still not working now I get this: Not Found The requested URL /bake.new.php was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.9 (Debian) PHP/5.2.12-0.dotdeb.1 with Suhosin-Patch Server at kitchen.romraid.com Port 80Not Found I upload the file and the bake fails. This feature is not working properly Paul.
  15. I have tried to bake custom rom, with an uploaded zip and when it finishes uploading I get this: Oops! This link appears to be broken. Suggestions: Go to www. romraid. com Search on Google: Is it down right now for some reason? I attached the file I am trying to upload. It contains the correct file structure and has a custom live wallpapers.apk, browser and some framwork stuff inside it. and the newest htc ime keyboard.

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