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  1. I bought a couple of games from them, but I change phones 2or3 times a year. The game is only good for the device u purchased it for. Change phones = purchase games again. I will never buy another game from them unless they are in the market.
  2. MIUI Dev Team Just built English v1.1.22 for the HTC Desire HD. I have ported the build to the MT4G, First thing this morning for all you MIUI lovers! This is the very latest MIUI build, and it is 2.2.1 froyo based. I can't say that this will run better or worse or any different at all from eViL's port. The major difference is that my port comes from a device that is almost identical to ours. So this build is almost made for our device. I have tested the camera(both miui and stock) and Wifi, cell data, MIUI Theme downloader, FM Radio, tools, and music. All of this seems to be working. There is no FFC at this time. If you download and use this ROM and find any bugs, please let me know. As Usual, you can get to my ROMS through my site here: Gr8GorillaDev The changelog is also available there on my site as well. Original MIUI ROM can be found Here I am not responsible for any bad stuff that may happen by flashing this, enjoy the new ROM. I appreciate any and all feedback.
  3. My ROM now has a second Theme! I ported the Revolution Theme from Desire HD! Come to my site and get it!
  4. My ROM now has a theme! Screen shots below! Get it on my website under Themes and Add-ons!
  5. I have ported the DHD Rom to the MT4G. At t his time Everything is working! Downloads, Changelogs, and credits are on my site. Come here and get a nice clean New Sense look and feel to your MT4G! Get GorillaSense for you MT4G here!
  6. I am having this issue as well, I could really use the fix for this!
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