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  1. Firstly thanks to Steve for all the hard work! Pretty much the same experience with everyone else, first flashed v2 Sunday night and the phone was rebooting a lot during Monday, wiped and flashed and wiped again on Monday and it has been a lot more stable since then, only had about 2 resets today and both where when loading apps rather than just randomly. Only really big issue for me is the sound not switching to earphones, makes my morning commute to the office rather silent!! If this can be fixed I will be a very happy man! Thanks again, Ronnie
  2. Do you have either Winamp or DoubleTwist installed on the phone. Both of these have an option to auto mount, which is I think ticked as default. This has annoyed me in the past until I worked out what was doing it! I have the desk stand which is plugged into the power as well as the usb it would be rather annoying to have to disconnect the usb lead from the stand all the time! Also I often charge my phone from my laptop when on the go. Long as the option is there its all good though!
  3. Yeah same here, the fix worked for me as well but broke after playing a youtube video. Thanks!
  4. Thanks I might have to try that, the insurance is with my bank (as one of the bonus schemes a premier account) it seems a bit crap, I had to fill in a thing on-line which I was then meant to download as a pdf then post back, however the download didn't work so I phoned them, they send they would post the form and then I have to post it back. So looks like it is going to take ages. Last time I had to claim for a stolen phone (this was like 9 years ago for a Sony p800!) it was easy they turned up with a replacement on a motorbike the next day, but that was with the phone company. Guess I should have read the small print to understand exactly what service the insurance with the bank gave me!
  5. yeah I keep thinking if only I had a remote that could have caused an electric shock, would have been fun watching the git fall off his bike in shock!
  6. yeah first thing I tried it showed he had turned the phone off the on again at 12:16, i clicked on the lock and alarm option at 12:18, which was prob a mistake as he obv turned it off so I can't track it. Keep looking to see if the tracking shows another sim has been put in or anything but nothing yet.
  7. yeah true about the no worse off physically.. however I can't say I suffered the service drops or random resets :/ I loved the thing hopefully insurance don't take long sending me a new one and hopefully wavesecure has done its job and made the phone unusable to the thief even if he replaces the sim! in the mean time its back to my poor old tiny hero
  8. Agggh some c**t on a bicycle just grabbed my steak right outa my hand while i was walking along texting :'( even ripped my earphones outa my ears now spent 2 hours giving a statement to the police, phoning o2 and my insurance! I miss it already :'( :'(
  9. hmm. really bad luck, I'm a clumsy git and have already dropped mine about 5 times and onto a hard wooden floor at that.. and aside from giving myself a near heart attack each time no harm was done whatsoever... Earlier today i even tossed it onto my bed which it then bounced off, hit the sofa and landed with a wallop on the floor - in one piece! UPSY! >.<
  10. Sexy is the word! :) I found it using the app Mabilo Wallpapers!
  11. The control bar is SwitchPro Widget and the music one is 3^ (cubed). Which is by far the sexist media player I have found! http://abrantix.org/3.php
  12. Well after flashing the modaco rom and stealing some ideas for widgets off some of the above posts my home screen has changed somewhat, so I thought I would post again!
  13. Here's some screen shot of what happens when you play a video with the HDMI connected.
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