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  1. Hi Guys, I am sorry I have not been updating you in the progress of the ROM, but here is what has been happining. *ROM tool created *Donation received and was enough *Phone Ordered for cook *Test ROM released for selected *Toshiba Released a ROM, which will really help us That is all for now, I dont visit this forum very often(unless my deals work out well, then I might be coming back more often) Hope you guys didnt loss all hope Wen BTW to get the latest, check out XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=639566
  2. Ya, sorry, I do not come here alot, I am on XDA regularly, so I recommend you guys stay on top of things there... but I have enough money and am just trying to get either an unlocker or just a plain ROM for the phone.
  3. Yes I am considering that right now, but have to talk to the cook... and We are $20 short now.... doing well
  4. Did you donate? I didnt get it?
  5. Yes, I will try, but unless we can get some more $$ we cant have the testing going.
  6. not really, it still would be cheaper..... and the cook is in the uk.... so in $100 we will send him a phone
  7. I am on ebay now, no good deals only $450
  8. $110 so doing pretty well, pretty fast, soon enough we would be at $400 maybe I will ask WMPowerusers readers for some help also
  9. Click the donate button and donate with paypal and I have $45 so far
  10. Wen(WM)

    6.5.3 rom available, TECHNICALLY!!

    I dont cook, Someone that makes WMPoweruser ROMz is working on it, not me. And can I get a link to a cheap phone, because I went on ebay and it is $450
  11. Wen(WM)

    6.5.3 rom available, TECHNICALLY!!

    I have $20 so far, and the device cost $450... so if I can get close, ill pay the rest
  12. Hi, I just added one, and sure, we will try and get a ROM series for the TG01 going ASAP
  13. Hi, My name is Wen from WMPoweruser and we recently decided to take up your case and try our best and get a ROM for the TG01. At the current status the chances of the TG01 getting a cooked ROM is currently low because the lack of a HardSPL, but I got word of another method of flashing. I want to get all the current information about ROMz for the TG01 like HardSPL status, Cooks, Dumps and anything else that could help us get this ROM started and cooking. We currently have 8 cooks at hand and if we can get some help getting a HardSPL or anything going, we can have a good ROM released fast from someone like NRG, Shadowline, Ark, Captain Throwback or any of our good cooks, but they do need a test device. So if anyone wants to donate let me know so I will add a Cotton, but I am sure no one does. Thanks, and I hope we get cooking soon

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