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  1. Well..as of early this morning....we in the Tmobile community NOW HAVE ROOT for our devices. Hopefully will start to see some baking over here, besides on XDA. Will wait for the developers in the know to start a new subForum here for the TMobile USA community. Sorry for the thread drift.
  2. Seems the XDA threads on this specific model appear stalled on obtaining root. The methods that have worked for the ATT and Sprint models do NOT apply to this specific phone. Anyone here have specific information on either a person, or groups that are actually doing day to day work to achieve root. Initially, the posts on XDA pointed to just having Samsung to release source files. Well, they HAVE done this now. Then the last day or two were references that just needing a "pit" file. Seems like the thread is based on users that say they know the requirements, but no actual posts on anyone that is actually working on obtaining root. PS...since there appeared to be no references to the TMobile model here, I wasn't sure of where to actually place this post. TIA to all here.....
  3. No problem. Been contacted anyways by a few more that wanted the files and FAQ. PS...I know I may have rubbed some users here the wrong way. I can only say I'm sorry if I come across that way. Also, been fighting with TMobile on my original data issues I have suffered with since day one.Admittedly, the lasted Radio for the XE appears to give me the best data downloads, when I have a full 4G signal. I can usually get 5-6Mbps downloads. But as soon as I drop off a bar or two, it's no better then Edge. Usually won't even connect if NOT on WiFi. They determined in isn't so much the phone as much as how my "account" talks with the Tmobile Network.After 4 months or so of dealing with tech support and trouble tickets, they decided to upgrade me to the Galaxy2s which is official on next Wednesday. The local TMobile stores actually already have their first shipments in their stores. They just can't release/sell them yet. So good luck to all here. Will be moving on to the next "bad ass" phone that I hope will live up to it's image.
  4. What do you mean no wifi calling. I use it. I gave Trip the files If he decides to add it on his future versions, then you will see. Plenty of users have PMed me on how to have WiFi calling working. I give out the info ONLY on a PM basis and only when users agree to not post issues with it here, since until it is in the Build, I assume it won't be supported. If anyone here violates my requests for how to best handle this issue, then you basically just kill it for others here while it is NOT officially a part of the build. As far as I know, it does NOT break any of Trips TAP or other sound mods etc, when following my instructions. And this is meant for TMobile USA users only...FYI.
  5. If you mean my normal day to day handling, there is no set operations I carry out. Sometimes I only need one battery and don't bother swapping. I typically swap only when I know I am getting low and will run out. IOW, my concern is not for maximizing the best amount of time I can get by a set routine. Strictly a convenience factor for me.
  6. OMG!!!!!!!. Do you understand what Baseband refers to. We are NOT talking about an application to hear FM radio and headphones. We are talking about how your phone interacts with the mobile network. If you still are at a loss, I would highly suggest you not even be doing anything regarding using a rooted phone. I find it almost hard to believe you made it thru the S-off process, or are you using the HTC version of unlocking, out of curiosity.
  7. Me. Kit includes TWO and a charger for $20. Bought it when I first got the Sensation back in June.
  8. Do a search on Amazon for Anker batteries and Sensation. I bought a combo kit includes TWO 1900mAh batteries and a charger for $20. Best deal going. Seido batteries on my Nexus ONE was a POS. Proven that stock was better than the Sedio higher capacity at the time I bought it.
  9. Sheesh. If you never messed with it you are running stock. Look at settings about phone, or look at your bootloader screen.
  10. Agreed. One quick note. Sorry to post a reference to another ROM. NOT MIUI. It's a Sense ROM that works in all departments for a change without manually editing build.prop. ║ROM║3 Oct║RC1/r78║ -Synergy- ║Smoooooth║250mb+ free RAM║Sense 3.5║BEATS║Tweaks║http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1193089Only posting since nothing new for a while here and it doesn't compete with MIUI being sense. My TMobile stuff works. Wifi calling works simply flashing a new add on file I found on XDA that is flashable with a build.prop. The link was taken down, so I will post a mirror. This is NOT for this ROM Trip uses. Not saying it won't work. I have a working wifi calling setup for here. PM me for that. http://hotfile.com/d...alling.zip.html Large MMS choices that include 5M, 1M and 600kbps in MMS settings. I use the 1M choice. It quickly sends and rec. a 128KB size attachment that takes up 1/2 my screen when I click on it for viewing an MMS. Awsome clear and fast when using wifi calling. The 5Mb compressed down to 1500kb pix sizes, but sending wasn't too successful. The 1M settings choice weas 100% reliable. Last...tweaks are endless. OK..no more cross reference ROMs. Just for those interested in trying a Sense and arr TMobile users too, tired of trying to get stuff to JUST WORK with no edits, which I have tried to do so far in vain here, but...not giving up on yet. (My disclaimer so I am not directed to the exit ;) Oh. awesome camera with 2x slo motion and all sorts of neat stuff.
  11. Good. Then just stay over there. I see your complaints about issues there too. There's just no making certain users happy. Don't mind you staying around here, but without the same day in and day out complaints.
  12. You would think users would read the darn thread or search before posting the same day to day rants. It's getting so old. I guess people don't know the meaning of a "search" function :(
  13. No Problem. I have both Launcher Pro as well as ADW paid apps. Just depends on my mood which I use at times :)
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