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  1. Damn. Let me know if you hear anything further on here or grab me on twitter: @meegoexperts Thanks. Ash.
  2. Hi, Was wondering if the Samsung Galaxy Tab supported USB Host mode via any hacked method ? I've searched and not found anything. Thanks for your help. Ash.
  3. Ash_786

    Android 2.3 Keyboard on CM6!

    Can this be Flashed on Non CM6 builds like my beta froYo Samsung Galaxy S ?
  4. Ash_786

    I9000 Battery Muncher

    That usage is unbelievable after 3 charges. Reset your phone and if the problem continues then give the phone back to where you got it from.
  5. Ash_786


    Wow. Sounds like something's gone astray. You could try fancy ways to resolve the issue that you SHOULD NOT HAVE or I would simple wipe the phone and start again :-)
  6. So is this ROM getting updated with base JG3 ?
  7. Ash_786

    I9000XWJG3 now available!

    Using this one without issues or stalls since yesterday ..... looking good ;-)
  8. Ash_786

    Speech to text

    Install Vlingo from the Samsung Apps icon on your phone. Sorted :-)
  9. Anyway, updated myself to this one. Did a straight update without a wipe and I was surprised that all my data / apps were still intact. I would have presumed it would have cleared all data / apps.
  10. Thats right. There were some naming mix ups by the site hosting the files :lol:
  11. You need to have root system access to your phone in order to upgrade the operating system. Follow these instructions : http://android.modaco.com/content/samsung-...ng-my-galaxy-s/ Once completed, try this again.
  12. Ash_786

    Got the 'stalling' problem? Rooted? Try this...

    Weird goings on ..... being lightly using the phone for 1 hour and 50% battery gone ... something aint right. Not sure if any wiping was needed before reflashing, but Ive just flashed again !
  13. Ash_786

    Front-facing camera & Fring

    Doesn't work with fring at the moment, but will very shortly ;-)
  14. Ash_786

    Got the 'stalling' problem? Rooted? Try this...

    I re-flashed the phone and re-did the steps and it works fine. Everything seems to be zipping along, but some testing is needed yet. Thanks @megakid for your assistance, but the phone lost adb access and I was ... well screwed by then !!!
  15. Ash_786

    XXJFB - Deodexing / Optimising / Kitchening

    Is this only going to be available via the kitchen or is it going to be a general download ? Only asking as I need to flash something onto mine.

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