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  1. Damn. Let me know if you hear anything further on here or grab me on twitter: @meegoexperts Thanks. Ash.
  2. Hi, Was wondering if the Samsung Galaxy Tab supported USB Host mode via any hacked method ? I've searched and not found anything. Thanks for your help. Ash.
  3. Can this be Flashed on Non CM6 builds like my beta froYo Samsung Galaxy S ?
  4. That usage is unbelievable after 3 charges. Reset your phone and if the problem continues then give the phone back to where you got it from.
  5. Wow. Sounds like something's gone astray. You could try fancy ways to resolve the issue that you SHOULD NOT HAVE or I would simple wipe the phone and start again :-)
  6. Using this one without issues or stalls since yesterday ..... looking good ;-)
  7. Install Vlingo from the Samsung Apps icon on your phone. Sorted :-)
  8. Anyway, updated myself to this one. Did a straight update without a wipe and I was surprised that all my data / apps were still intact. I would have presumed it would have cleared all data / apps.
  9. Thats right. There were some naming mix ups by the site hosting the files :lol:
  10. You need to have root system access to your phone in order to upgrade the operating system. Follow these instructions : http://android.modaco.com/content/samsung-...ng-my-galaxy-s/ Once completed, try this again.
  11. Weird goings on ..... being lightly using the phone for 1 hour and 50% battery gone ... something aint right. Not sure if any wiping was needed before reflashing, but Ive just flashed again !
  12. Doesn't work with fring at the moment, but will very shortly ;-)
  13. I re-flashed the phone and re-did the steps and it works fine. Everything seems to be zipping along, but some testing is needed yet. Thanks @megakid for your assistance, but the phone lost adb access and I was ... well screwed by then !!!
  14. Is this only going to be available via the kitchen or is it going to be a general download ? Only asking as I need to flash something onto mine.
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