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  1. found it... its at HKLM\Microsoft\Clock and HKLM\Time thanks 4 helpin
  2. hi! im using "PPCPimBackup", wich is a really small tool that you can run on the device, it backs up all contacts, appointments,etc. in a small *.pib file, with that *.pib you can restore the data on the device for example after a cold-boot. greetz
  3. hi all! i got plenty of Motorola MC35, and want to adjust the time Zone via Registry. OS is WM5. When the device cold-boots, time Zone is "GMT-8" by default, i want to change it to "GMT+1" without doing that by hand. there is a .exe i created with "Pocket-PC Installer" Software, wich already works for some purposes (the other .reg-files i could find already have been extracted from the device an are inserted in the .exe), but i cant find the time zone. can somebody tell me where i can find that registry Value? thanks, daniel
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