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  1. Me too, I love Baltic Black rom.
  2. But it still notify in Lock Screen even though you read it with Handcent.
  3. LG use SjGothicFull.ttf as main font, but if you replace SJSans.ttf with your own style and this font has same language as SjGothicFull.ttf it will use this font instead. For me, I have replace only SJSans.ttf and it work fine. Don't sure with your language firmware, please test with your experience.
  4. Yes, both locale and writing language.
  5. Anyone who ask for Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesia writing language, the Hongkong V20A version is your choice now.
  6. The Greece Firmware has Tieng Viet Keyboard but no Vietnamese menu.
  7. Russian V20B : update for this threads. http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/swdata/WEBSW..._00/V20B_00.kdz
  8. Confirm! It's 2.1 Update rom. GT540_V20b-Sep-13-2010
  9. Very good rom, bugs fixed. I have a new mobile phone now. User can select Touch flow or Windows Mobile 6.5.5 UI.
  10. Tested. This rom fix the vibration problem as mention before, and this rom also add Manila UI. For Thai user, must install Thai enable for adding Thai font. ThaiEnable_B7300.cab
  11. Yes, I found a bug that make me step down to 6.5 again. When I am in vibration mode and I have a miss call, my phone vibrate forever. Any suggestion.
  12. You must install Thai enable for adding Thai font, then you can read Thai and your Keyboard has Thai alphabet. ThaiEnable_B7300.cab
  13. Get it from here, it's a hidden file. power___backlight__standard_.zip
  14. It happen to me too, no english menu with this version. So I turn to B7300XXJC2, there are lots of language for select.
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