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  1. midnightz

    Nexus One UK launch to be 12 February 2010?

    Price edited; looks like it's 16 February now. I don't call importing in from the US a UK launch, you can't even get a proper UK plug with it! The UK launch is when Vodafone finally put it on their network and people can purchase it without getting an additional bill a few weeks later.
  2. Play have the mobile listed on their website as due for release on 12 February 2010, which brings about a few questions: 1. Is this correct and therefore the UK release date? 2. Does that mean Vodafone will announce it very soon? 3. Why are Play even listing it when it's sold direct by Google? 4. £599.99 - are they kerrazy? http://whatnewmobile.com/android/htc-googl...-february-2010/
  3. midnightz

    HTC Sense comes to HTC Magic

    For those with an HTC-branded EU Magic, you can now download the latest ROM which gives you HTC Sense just like the HTC Hero! http://whatnewmobile.com/android/htc-magic...adds-htc-sense/

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