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  1. krelvinaz

    14 Jun Gr9 (6.3.1) - MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Kindle Fire

    Was looking for this as well...
  2. krelvinaz

    Spam from Modaco ??

    Why is it that Modaco is sending spam to its subscribers? Didn't sign up for marketing info, yet I got email today about "HTC Desire HD and Z landing next week, Orange San Francisco review & 10K for £10K for Childhood"... The message said I could unsubscribe from this by unchecking "Send me any updates sent by the board administrator" but I would not think that would be enabling the sending of marketing info. It should be administrative notices concerning the forum and system ONLY. Does the administration of the forum really want people to not be notified for system notices?? Marketing != System notices.
  3. krelvinaz

    It's Incredible

    My battery life has been more than livable with the stock battery. Up to 15h is not an issue since I have access to charge at many places during the day. I bought a couple retractable USB to MicroUSB cables (~$8USD ea) and have one in my netbook case, at work, at home etc... Just plug in when I get a chance. I just got the Seidio Extended battery yesterday, but it is not yet conditioned with the phone yet. will need to do some full cycles until the phone sees the extra capacity. Expect to get 24 hours or more after then. Coming from an Omnia i910, this phone ROCKS. Text/Email, Internet, GPS and all bunch of apps at free or considerably less than a WM6 app would cost... I would not hesitate and make the switch today.
  4. krelvinaz

    No TRUE Handsfree calling with Incredible?

    For me, most of my calls while I am driving are inbound. This works. Just push the button on the blue tooth headset and you answered the phone. For the rest, if I know that I am going to call someone, I precall them before driving or while at a stop light (ie not driving). You can then double hit the button on the BT headset and the DI will redial the last number dialed. So that takes care of 99% of my calling needs with hands free. The remaining, I simply pull over or if I have a passenger I hand them the phone. IF/When the DI is rooted, there are some apps that can take care of some of this. But for me, not a big deal. Coming from the Omnia, this phone flat out spanks it. Much much more capable, faster etc...
  5. krelvinaz

    Google Maps - Sharing A location

    Seem to be missing something... On my previous phone (Omnia WM6.1) when I used google maps and found a location, I could click on the box, select SMS and send the location info to another person. This was handy for people who didn't have access to the app on their phone, but I could give them the directions or the address etc... On my new Droid Incredible which has Google Maps 4.1 on them, I find the location click on the box and I get the option to Whats here Search nearby Report a problem Add as a contact If I use menu, I get: Search Directions Layers My Location Latitude More Clear Map Starred Items Labs Help Terms and Privacy About But no SMS option. I could save it as a contact, and then SMS it from there, but that seems dumb. Am I missing an option?
  6. krelvinaz


    Your Desire is not a Window Mobile device. It uses Android which is known to have this limitation, since the beginning. While you cannot save programs on the SDCard, you can save other data like email, photos, music, sounds etc... This limit, might be removed in newer versions of Android.
  7. krelvinaz

    Device specific sub-forum for the Incredible???

    +3 got three of them today!
  8. krelvinaz

    Which One?

    Thanks... that was very helpful.
  9. krelvinaz

    Which One?

    I have a spare Omnia i910 that I can play with without effecting my use of my phone that I depend on to work for business. I have been looking at the various 6.5 Custom Roms to see which one if any I might want to try. If it looks okay, I would then flash my main phone with it. One thing that I find interesting is the inclusion of apps that change a lot in some of the custom roms. I don't really understand why you would do that. Google Maps for example. They change often and they are easy to install, so why would you include that in the ROM? It also appears that people use Rom upgrades as a way to update these types of programs. Personally, I would pref to find a Rom and stick with it as I don't have time to play rebuild each time I try a new Rom. Is there a recap somewhere of the various Custom Roms, so that someone could be better educated on which ones might be good for them?
  10. It's possible that the software is not using the 3d accelerator...
  11. Just got email from Verizon... Apparently, they are including VZNav in the ROM not that I'm interested in that. Won't be able to play with this until Friday or so. busy.
  12. That would change your habit fairly quickly I would think... :-)
  13. krelvinaz

    Selling i910

    I think your expectations are too high. I'd be surprised if someone gives you more than $50 for it.
  14. Are you dense ?? Where do you think they got the stuff to cook new roms with. There are huge threads on this same forum about the Beta rom for months. Can you google?? Funny to see someone use the word retarded but spell it wrong. As for no interest if they do release a new ROM, you guys must be kidding right ? while there is a patch to sort or fix the GPS locking, it still is sub par for any other phone I have played with in getting a lock. There are a number of other minor nits and such that could be fixed. I'm sure it would not take you long to re-base your cooked roms on the new one even if you have a ton of code coming from other sources.
  15. That plus there will most likely be a 6.5 upgrade not long after it is released which would give the needed image stuff to make roms from.

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