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  1. Yeah, I was talking about Meschle's Touch ROM on xda-dev. I donated money to Meschle for his work. The ROM is flawless except the cube isnt really a cube but 3 sided. And when waking up the phone by pushing the ON button, the screen sometimes flickers before starting. Dont remember it doing that before the ROM update. When using the Step 1, I got 2 error messeges and it wouldnt go pass initializing. So I skipped that and did the USPL.exe first then Step 2. Now it's been "Touched"! Really looking forward to the next big and tasty. The Polaris/Touch Cruise. Ive been reading about the problems with software and freezes in the OS. But I bet now that it's in full production and shipping soon, everything will be fixed.
  2. downloaded Meschle's Artemis 3.01 Touch lite ROM and unzipped file. Now what do I do? Do I need to install the EnableRapi and Cert_SPCS cabs before going to step 1? Do I need to run Artemis_USPL first seperately? I borked my SMT5600 trying to put a WM6 rom on it and am very weary of doing it to my precious Artemis. Has anyone changed theirs yet? Is it as easy as doing Step 1 & Step 2? ARTE100 WM5 ROM 1.12.405.1 WWE Radio 02.67.90
  3. Because the screen size isnt wide like a Tmobile Dash or Hermes(in landscape), some side scroll games dont play as well. Most of the original Nintendo games were like this. My best picks yet are Mike Tyson's Punch Out, Dr.Mario and Wario's Woods. If the screen could go landscape, games like Ghosts n Goblins, Altered Beast and Bonk's Adventure would be great.
  4. Ive been using the Pocket Nestor for other phones. Will it work on the Strtrk? I know the version made for the Tornado might because the screen size is exactly the same but I didnt know about the software accepting it.
  5. I was uninstalling iGuidance v3 and in the middle of removing the program, the phone turned off. Thinking it was the battery being low or dead or something, I put it on the charger and no lights showing it taking a charge. Nothing. This was yesterday, today I went to AT&t store and they swapped the battery. Still no power nor will the new battery show it taking a charge either. This phone wasnt purchased new. I bought it used and as is. The only thing that was wrong with it before was a broken LCD. I replaced that myself and it worked fine for about 3 weeks now. Ive taken it all apart and checked all connections and everything. Never heard of a phone being bricked after removing a 3rd party app. Any suggestions?
  6. Thanks for the homescreens, i bet the troops appreciate your work too. Makes sense to post pics of them, the US armed forces use the most sophisticated technology on the battlefront

  7. No need for me to post disassembly pictures. Someone has already done so on Howardforums. The image quality and details are very straight forward. http://howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1144276 What's great is at the end when he shows the phone on w/o a LCD even in it! Now that's ballsy.
  8. I was screwed at first, but now there are about a thousand ppl on ebay offering replacement LCD screens for the Dash. I got in and it works fine. Connects in a sideways but similiar way as the 2125,sda, and 3125. I will post some pics soon, got to take it back apart to do so first, easier to remove aerial antenna than the others being made of soft rubber. Might buy an extra Lcd seeing how there are so many broken s620's for sale. Good indicator of how easy it is to bugger it up. Dash_Lcd.bmp
  9. Basically, I bought s620 Dash from someone who broke the lcd. Thinking that the screens were as easy to find on ebay as just about every other HTC phone, now Im stumped w/ it. I would rather fix it myself than pay HTC USA or any online repair shop to do it. Cant be harder than the Wizards! Anyone have any suggestions for an old fart?
  10. Ive got some game files in .jar format and dont know how to make them run. Can this be done on the HTC Wizard? There is no exe to open or click so I figured something must be left out but the same files work on Sony Erikkson k800i and Moto Razr. Any ideas? Thnx
  11. Nice digs, that's even better than my attempt. TiEmu wanted me to cough up a Wizard to try it on first after I emailed the team members. Something about the iPaq port being different. My question, daedalia, is how do you actually download the zip file from the site? Once you click on the file, it leads you to another site! Can you provide the zip? Thankx
  12. I found a site showing screenshots of the TI calculator emulator working on an iPaq Pocket PC. Has anyone tried it or have it working? the file to download on the site is in a .gz file. Does anyone know how or what to do w/ it. Link to sites mentioning emulators 89 and 92+: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/84/8442.html http://lpg.ticalc.org/prj_tiemu/about.html Naturally, I emailed the ppl who built it, but no reply. Maybe someone could enlighten us to use the best graphing/scientific/engineering calculator emulator of all time on our Pocket PC's?
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