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    Changing IMEI on engineering sample

    Hello, Please try this 1. Connect phone by USB 2. Enter 1809#*990# in dialer 3. Select Port Settings -> Select CP USB 4. Start hyperterminal, in COM settings select same port like in devide manager -> LGE mobile USB Serial Port, 115200 5. Type AT if response is not OK, change port number 6. Type at%imei, it should display your current IMEI 7. Type at%imei=x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x , where x,x,x... is your orginal IMEI number 8. Reset
  2. nanortemis

    Changing IMEI on engineering sample

    Maybe it's legal / illegal ... but for sure it's possible, my IMEI has changed and now I need to find a way to recover it.
  3. nanortemis

    Changing IMEI on engineering sample

    I have also problem with IMEI, my IMEI has changed after CM7 flash, do you knwo how to recover it?
  4. I enabled slider to answer in S2U2 settings but it works correctly olny when I disable dialer skin.
  5. Hi, You can use attached cab file. BTW, How to enable slide to anser witohut disabling dialer skin ?? DisableStartShutdownSounds.cab
  6. What with Button X, still does not work?
  7. Hi, I tried to play some movies over WiFi network, but transfer it too low. Do you know how to improve WiFi speed on I8000? I tried SKTools - no result. Thx

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