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  1. Hey ErnstJanF, Thanks for the tutorial. But I've got a couple of questions. If I want to update the files. I downloaded the 3 things you mentioned. all of them contain: "o2b2update.tar.gz" and If I want to place them in my storage they want to replace each other. Is there a way to combine both? Or which one do I need to use? And I've got android running. but the processes are killing itself on startup.
  2. How odd O.o first this didn't work. But now it does :P It's not the fastest internet. but still :D Kudos to you Gauravv
  3. I know that. the dot is not working in that field only numbers. But still doesn't work. I don't know how why it's not working. I really appreciate it that you guys help me :P re-installed it several times.
  4. All the settings are correct. Including characters. And I've saved the settings and turned it off/on. No g/3g symbol. I see only the bars, the battery and the time. I've used the tutorial provided by ErnstJanF (which is great) and updated everything. Including the 3G update
  5. I've tried it. But it's not working :P this are the APN settings
  6. Hey ErnstJanF, Thanks for the great tutorial. Finally got Android working. Only problem I've got is that I can't connect to the internet. I can make calls and receive/send text messages. I've added the APN settings from my provider (Hi). But it's still not working. Do you have any idea how to make it work?
  7. Love the phone despite the lag and freezing of the whole system on the official rom. apps are outdated as mentioned in this topic. Got some huge problems with it. the keyboard was once broken. The microphone is broken. I love that there are many apps for it :D Love the keyboard and the apps that are available for it (not the pre-installed ones) Love the customization :D It's my first smartphone and it has some good and bad features.
  8. Hey Modaco members, I'm trying to flash my phone but octans downloader doesn't recognize it. I've installed all the things from ErnestJanF's guide. When I try to flash it. the only i get is this. [Setup] Windows XP [Setup] Download Ram Size :41777920 bytes,(39 MB) OnDeviceChange \\?\USB#VID_04E8&PID_6619#5&32ba9d77&0&1#{25dbce51-6c8f-4a72-8a6d-b54c2b4fc835} Can someone help me with this? I'm using Windows 7 with Octans downloader v2.14 with compability Windows XP SP2
  9. MyPhone is the default back up software for windows mobile :huh: it's free and easy to use.
  10. English is the only supported language. changing the language will restore the original rom.
  11. I need a original 6.5 rom. I want to revert it back. I got too many problems with my current ROM. Does anyone how I can restore it back or can someone upload the original rom? (the nb0 file please)
  12. Sorry. I'm new with this. just read the other threads. thanks anyway for this update. Got the wireless manager working with the help of the samsung apps.
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