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  1. iammodo

    I9000 screen replacement?

    My job is to fix phones and my company work with Samsung so we get official parts. So thought I would offer my services here. When we order the screen for a i9000, the only bits we save are the mainboard and back case. So i know most on ebay are fakes as samsung dont offer just the glass or lcd.
  2. iammodo

    I9000 screen replacement?

    I will repair any samsung galaxy S with official screen ( not crappy fakes from ebay) for £120 or will buy the phone if you have smegged the repair up for £150
  3. iammodo

    HTC Hero for sale

    As long as I get over £100 I'm fine as I just got two HTC Dreams with a total of £70 fixed them up and like them more then my Hero.
  4. iammodo

    HTC Hero for sale

    HTC Hero for sale ebay item number 330432402837
  5. iammodo

    Broken USB port

    Just checked broken usb port is in warranty and fine to repair. broken headphone is counted as customer damage.
  6. iammodo


    Don't get your hopes up I got told to download 1.6 from there website.
  7. iammodo

    Broken USB port

    Midos, I will be asking at work tomorrow about this as T-mobile do not do repairs., They use a 3rd party repair centre.
  8. iammodo

    Broken USB port

    Having had a look at the mainboard of the pulse today, It is a very bad design, The USB port is not ankered into the board at all. And was told by a T-mobile tech. That this is the most common problem with the phone. I shall ask him at work tomoz, If its an in warranty repair.
  9. iammodo

    HTC on Hero Update (funny response)

    new Response From [ Lee (UK - Ireland Support (Tech)) ] hi Thank you for your enquiry. I made mistake on that last email. The hero is on 1.5 and will be left on 1.5 until and if it will go to 2.1. If and when this is released it will be on are web site. If these steps have not helped, please let me know by responding using the link provided and I will be happy to check again for you. Best regards, lee HTC
  10. iammodo

    HTC on Hero Update (funny response)

    Iv'e asked for more info on this 1.6 lol
  11. This is my email to HTC. "Hello Sir/Madam You must be getting this a lot, but there is no news on your twitter feed about this problem. I own a HTC Hero and due to being stuck on 1.5(cupcake) I am unable to download a lot of new applications for my phone. Is there a reason we are not getting timely updates? I have not had this problem with my iPhone. This is making me regret moving over to HTC, if this is the level of service I am to expect in the future. I cannot understand how you put this quote on your site " HTC is committed to providing customers with the best possible mobile experience." Please give a set date on Twitter or reply to my email address, if we are to expect a update and a confirmed date. It is a shame about the level of service with the phone, and will be a shame if I have to move away from android because of no updates. I Hope you do reply( even if it is just sorry we cant help you, just to show you have read this) Hoping for good news Modo Albans (currently an Hero fan)" And this is the response I got. "hi Thank you for your enquiry. You will need to put the 1.6 rom on your phone to make allow the apps to work. this is on are web site. http://www.htc.com/uk/supportdownloadlist....=sd&cat=all If these steps have not helped, please let me know by responding using the link provided and I will be happy to check again for you. Best regards, lee HTC"
  12. iammodo

    HTC Hero Repair

    PM Andrew-Mac he has a spare case. I can order them from HTC as I work in a repair centre. But that would take time. The HTC Hero is possibly one of the easiest phones to take apart.
  13. iammodo

    Hero paintjob

    Comes with the steel,( but would be painted) and it comes with the metal grill yes. two reasons it doesn't come with the digitizer is 1 they cost £29, 2 it is better to paint with out it.
  14. iammodo

    Hero paintjob

    The paint is ment for cars, so is very strong. The protective layer takes 24 hours to set but 2 weeks for fully harden so as long as your sensible for the first 2 weeks it will be fine.
  15. iammodo

    Hero paintjob

    All the parts I have put the price for are HTC genuine, I work in repair so we dont pay as much.

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