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  1. This is with the brightness set around 8% and regardless of how I use it the battery should not lose charge whilst plugged in. That makes no sense at all..
  2. My phone came from ali express I had to pay 15 quid customs charges. I've installed the asop rom and it's really good except for one thing. It seems to charge really slowly and when I use it with the power plugged in the battery actually goes down slightly. I've never had a phone that did this before.. :/
  3. I've just ordered one of these from aliexpress to replace my aging G300... :) What is the likelyhood of getting a kitkat rom on this beast at some point in the future?
  4. I've replaced them both with Xabber, which is excellent
  5. is there a patch available for this rom so that i can use it with the gb baseband? with the ics baseband i get reboots and people can't call me often. it's making this rom unuseable for me.
  6. text that came from Vodafone yesterday: Great news! You can now update your phone software to Android Ice Cream Sandwich. First you'll need to update it to Gingerbread and then to Ice Cream Sandwich. For help visit www.vdfn.co/g300update (data charges may apply if viewed on a phone)
  7. you can get a new screen from eBay for 20 quid. my digitizer is cracked but didn't bother fixing because screen still works.
  8. I don't have space for a nandroid backup, so not in a position to test sadly atm. Which is one of the reasons why I posted..
  9. Is anyone brave enough to try this? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1877183 I don't expect it will work due to missing Huawei code...
  10. my gf's htc desire running cm7 runs rings around my g300 in terms of performance, responsiveness and scrolling speed. My phone before this one was a crappy x10 mini pro, and even ICS on that ran better. Do you think when the OTA comes out I'll be able to get my money back from Vodafone?
  11. quick to respond, quicker to miss my point. on the g1 if you moved away from the browser it has to reload everything from scratch... its all relative. the g300 is plenty if you are conservative. if you are not, then maybe you need a higher end device. in other words, stop complaining and be grateful for what you have.
  12. My first android phone was a HTC G1 and it had 60mb of ram. There is more than enough on this phone if you are savvy.
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