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  1. intlrc

    List of LG ROM downloads (firmware)

    the sourcecode from lg website that was previously corrupted, is now fine
  2. it's fake, the p970 doesn't even appear on the rom manager list cause cm hasn't even been ported for the p970
  3. fck you guys are kinda scarying me, looks like this cellphone is a time-bomb i got impressed by the pulse's construction and reliability, but the san francisco has got me rethinking that chineses brands are not that reliable, with so many failures and flaws
  4. X2 thing is, i had a pulse before, the pulse even if it was plastic was very resistant, inside the pouch mine feel one or two times on the floor and no scratches. the san fran, just from wearing it on the pocket with coins the rubber peeled, maybe you guys are right i should have worn inside a sock or so nevertheless i still think it's a major flaw, come on just to rub some coins?
  5. this must actually be true in the white version..
  6. as i posted in the white san fran thread, mine is peeling off too, hopefully i bought the pouch on ebay, but yeah, is definitely a major flaw from this mobile you can say whatever you what about it, but construction for me, is something i really care on gadgets, so i am really down about this ima post pictures as soon as i can
  7. unfortunately i think that pictures might in fact be from a final release, i have the gray one for 3 ou 4 days (bought this weekend on a trip to ldn) and for my surprise today when i picked it from the pocket where i had some coins, the color above the san francisco lettering, had peeled cause coins scratched on the mobile maybe has this happened with anyone here?
  8. intlrc

    Help! My Pulse does not boot up!

    have you tried booting on recovery menu ? (red + menu button)
  9. but the status bar is in the framework-res.apk not the launcher bar i guess..
  10. hey there i have vanilla 1.7 on my pulse, tried to replace the framework-res.apk with this one http://www.jbthemes.com/metamorph/BlackBar...14.1-signed.zip but the system didn't boot, must be cause it was for cm rom i'll go find about signing the framework-res found this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=549309 and this http://lulachronicles.blogspot.com/2009/11...e-and-sign.html

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