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  1. good luck on whatever you guys are still working on for the 2.5 :P can't wait for the release... thanks for the effort ~cheers
  2. i had the same problem before... i'm guessing you're using a different "black" theme... try using the HTC black theme included in the Rom and soft reset... hope it helps :P
  3. hmm i know it's a noob question but maybe you aren't pressing the right area? even before when you pressed that blank space or even just the icons the notification tab shows up. and i'm sure the area can be pressed coz i used to have the showcase task manager icon there before i switched to this. maybe try the aligning option in samsung? if that still doesn't work i'm out of ideas sorry
  4. such a nice theme <_< unfortunately i had to remove it as it conflicts with the sms of the Leo beta2 rom. good job tacchan it really makes the phone look nicer ~cheers
  5. Hi i'm not really sure whether this is the right thread for this. if it isn't i'm sorry and would you kindly direct me to the right place? i have flashed to RDH Leo Beta2 rom and the ringtones are corrupted. i know i can use any of my mp3s or wav files for this but for the sms alert tone i would like to have the original samsung ones. if anyone can post them or direct me to a place where i can find them it would be really appreciated:)
  6. thanks also for the reply :( i was having trouble changing the registry field for the images. the value of "favorite_folder" kept reverting back to [CAMERA] no matter what i did. but i finally got it to work and now all shots from my camera shows in the photo tab. also used the flip cab and it works if you havn't tried it yet. stops the clock from reverting to an older time just to flip to current time.
  7. thanks for the help sioppao :( would you happen to know how to change the default source folder (it's in my documents\my pictures) since i stock all my photos and vids in my storage. i can't seem to find the exact registry field (or maybe im just blind sorry) the clock flip fix works good it stopped reverting the clock to a previous time and just simply flips to the next minute when needed:D another question. when disabling the HTC dialer and using the default WinMo dialer do you guys get a white text on white background for the contacts selection in the dialer?
  8. sorry for the trouble tacchan but i think it's a rom thing and not an issue about your dialer / theme. seems the WinMo dialer itself shows the white text on white background for the contacts area. i did a hard reset and disabled the HTC default dialer and without any other modifications and cabs installed it was already like this. PS: when i installed your black theme the scrollbar in the dialer became compressed. not sure if this is an issue or not or if it's because i'm using 6.5. just wanted to inform you
  9. hi tacchan :( i tried your dialer skin on rods leo beta2 rom and it shows a white background w/ white font (for the name selection). then i tried using it with your black theme it became black background w/ black font lol
  10. try this : Samsung Settings>Button>Wake up> thanks for the lovely rom RDH :( been using this for a couple of days now and find it really enjoyable. got around 50ish mb of ram on boot and that's pretty normal for me. got a few questions though for anyone who can help 1. is it possible to switch the QWERTY keyboard to PHONE type keyboard using the built in HTC keyboard? 2. how can i make the Photos & Videos tab show my photos/videos upon sliding to that tab? it shows "No picture available" always then when i press album still gives the "No photos or videos found" then i press album again for it to show me the pictures (but no still no videos) 3. can i return the sms function of tmail? when HTC messaging gets kinda quirky i'd like to have an alternative sms option :( 4. is it possible to turn off the clock flipping? it's looks nice and all but it kinda gets distracting when you go back to home and it reverts back to an older time just to show the flipping animation for the current time. that's all :( hope you guys can help
  11. +1 people seem to get lost throughout the course of the thread as there are many new developments :(
  12. hi! do i need any other program to get morphgear to work? i keep getting the "insufficient memory" error. can anyone help? thanks
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