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  1. thanks, i read the 2nd post. As I know you can flash eboot, phone part and PDA part. So, I was not sure about phone part.
  2. hi, is it enough to flash only nbo part or i have to flash also phone part back to 6.1 version(from some 6.1 official ROM)?
  3. Could you please let us know how you were able to decrypt the original file from Samsung?
  4. Inside JC2 version, I have same. But till now nobody decrypted JC3 version.
  5. info from XDA: get both files, the fw and the decoder 2. put the fw and the extracted decoder in the same folder e.g. on desktop the folder JPH 3. open your dos command box (start -> run --> cmd) 4. go to the correct path in my example it would be C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Admin\Desktop\JPH> of course you have to adjust this one to your language and username 5. type in "decodertest.exe filename pwd" filename=GT-I9000_I9000XXJPH_I9000OXAJPH_I9000XXJPH_I9000XXJPH _XX_XEU.enc.zip.enc pwd=87253 6. wait a lil bit, done Somebody created decodertest.exe application., but we will need decryption key. Link for decoder: http://db.tt/i0yM0Py
  6. I found on XDA http://forum.xda-developers.com/archive/in...p/t-770271.html info about how to do it. It is for android, but i think it can also work for Win Mobile. We need decrypt key(monitor net trafic to find it) and then we need decodertest application for decoding. The decrypt key is specific for each model( i hope so), so we need to for b7610. Info from XDA: "Now how the F to explain this... its basically using Windows HOSTS file to redirect fus.samsungmobile.com to my own webserver which is hosting MS_TEST/msfus.php which contains the following: <?php echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><FUSMsg><FUSHdr><ProtoVer>1.0</ProtoVer><SessionID>560822</SessionID><MsgID>1</MsgID></FUSHdr><FUSBody><Results><CmdRef>2</CmdRef><Status>200</Status><LATEST_FW_VERSION><Data>I9000XXJPD/I9000OXAJPD/I9000XXJPD/I9000XXJPD</Data></LATEST_FW_VERSION></Results><Put><CmdID>1</CmdID><BINARY_CRC><Data>1283028158</Data></BINARY_CRC><BINARY_ENCRYPT_STRING><Data>9780154</Data></BINARY_ENCRYPT_STRING><BINARY_URI><Data>http://fus.samsungmobile.com/Phone_Binary/9/GT-I9000_I9000XXJPD_I9000OXAJPD_I9000XXJPD_I9000XXJPD _XX_XEU.zip.enc</Data></BINARY_URI><DESCRIPTION><Data></Data></DESCRIPTION><GSM_SUPPORT_HIDDEN><Data>0</Data></GSM_SUPPORT_HIDDEN><GSM_NATION_CODE><Data>XX</Data></GSM_NATION_CODE><GSM_SITE_CODE><Data>9</Data></GSM_SITE_CODE><LAST_MODIFIED><Data>10/08/21</Data></LAST_MODIFIED> <LATEST_ANDROIDGSM_PDA_VERSION><Data>I9000XXJPD</Data></LATEST_ANDROIDGSM_PDA_VERSION><LATEST_ANDROIDGSM_CSC_VERSION><Data>I9000OXAJF3</Data></LATEST_ANDROIDGSM_CSC_VERSION><LATEST_ANDROIDGSM_PHONE_VERSION><Data>I9000XXJPD</Data></LATEST_ANDROIDGSM_PHONE_VERSION><LATEST_ANDROIDGSM_CONTENTS_VERSION><Data>I9000XXJPD</Data></LATEST_ANDROIDGSM_CONTENTS_VERSION><DEVICE_ANDROID_PDA_PATH><Data>ADD_Home_cache.tar</Data></DEVICE_ANDROID_PDA_PATH><DEVICE_ANDROID_CSC_PATH><Data></Data></DEVICE_ANDROID_CSC_PATH><DEVICE_ANDROID_PHONE_PATH><Data></Data></DEVICE_ANDROID_PHONE_PATH><DEVICE_ANDROID_CONTENTS_PATH><Data></Data></DEVICE_ANDROID_CONTENTS_PATH><CURRENT_DISPLAYVERSION><Data>I9000XXJF3/I9000OXAJF3/I9000XXJF3/I9000XXJF3</Data></CURRENT_DISPLAYVERSION><LATEST_DISPLAYVERSION><Data>I9000XXJPD/I9000OXAJPD/I9000XXJPD/I9000XXJPD</Data></LATEST_DISPLAYVERSION><ANDROIDGSM_TAR_PATH><Data>ADD_Home_cache.tar</Data></ANDROIDGSM_TAR_PATH><NOTIFY><Data>1</Data></NOTIFY><ANNOUNCE><Data>0</Data></ANNOUNCE><ANNOUNCE_CONTENTS><Data></Data></ANNOUNCE_CONTENTS><REQUIRED_CLIENT_PRODUCT><Data></Data></REQUIRED_CLIENT_PRODUCT><REQUIRED_CLIENT_VERSION><Data></Data></REQUIRED_CLIENT_VERSION></Put></FUSBody></FUSMsg>'; ?> Then i just hosted the JFD firmwares from the real FUS site in my own Phone_Binary/9 directory and KIES will hit my server, get the above info, and hit my server for the .enc file. Easy as hell.. works a treat... you could setup a localhost Apache/whatever server and alias fus.samsungmobile.com -> and achieve the same thing with a few simple downloads..."
  7. I am sorry I could not upload it(low upload speed). You can find link for download in attached txt file.
  8. does anybody have the decrypt key for B7610 for decrypting enc file?
  9. Just downloaded GT-b7610_B7610NXXJC3_B7610NXEEJL2_B7610XXJC2_B7610NXEEJL2_XX_XEE.zip.enc No idea how to decrypt it, does anybody know hot to decrypt the file?
  10. I google it yesterday. I think it was http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/soft/5161394/. Try to search samsung FUS downloader 1.0.
  11. Any update? I tryied to connect to FUS servers, but no response. I am able to download GT-B7610_B7610NXXJC2_B7610NXEEJC2_B7610XXJC1_B7610NXEEJC2_XX_XEE, but if I am looking for B7610NXXJC3/B7610NXEEJL2/B7610XXJC2 there is no response from servers.
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