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  1. we have only one doc about lcd plug : http://www.nectun.com/details_aide.php?id_def=93. this is the conceptor's document (twyx) but it's in french, perso i'm not enough bilinguous to translate it ;-) if somenone wants to translate it ....
  2. this is my last theme wich works with LCD plug ;-) Download it
  3. The New version of LCD Plug , which is compatible with windows mobile 2005, is now released. Thanks to Twyx. find it on Nectun ;-) TmR
  4. ;-) i modified link to put it in my useful links but ... any chances to have my link in your section and/or a news ;-) ;-) thanks for all TmR
  5. Hi everybody i present to you my new website, http://www.nectun.com about skins , rings and softs for smartphone. it's not fully english yet but it will be soon. ;-) Thanks TmR
  6. File Name :: M&M's Author :: TmR Category :: Other Description :: Requires Lcd Plug and Bat Plug. See you later View File
  7. TmR



    Requires Lcd Plug and Bat Plug. See you later


  8. :-) when i will have the c600 (in france) i will develop skins in this resolution ;-)
  9. File Name :: Mr Robot Author :: TmR Category :: Other Description :: This is my last , it requires Lcd Plug and Bat Plug ... View File
  10. TmR

    Mr Robot


    This is my last , it requires Lcd Plug and Bat Plug ...


  11. Hello it needs LCD Plug et Bat Plug PLugins . TmR
  12. File Name :: Schwarzy Author :: TmR Category :: TV / Movies Description :: Hello This is my last skin : schwarzy , based on a picture by RANDALL NG. You can see all my skins on my personnal website (htttp://tmul.free.fr) TmR View File
  13. TmR



    Hello This is my last skin : schwarzy , based on a picture by RANDALL NG. You can see all my skins on my personnal website (htttp://tmul.free.fr) TmR


  14. ok the translation had began (on the home only) you can test by positionning parameter lang=en behind index.php news and comments will be not translate except if you find me a really good on line translator :-) if you have a forum's account, check english language. tell me if the translation is correct ! :-) TmR
  15. hello, we're going to make a real "english's version" but it will take a while, it's a heavy update ... ;-) so be patient (or learn french maybe it will be faster :D :D ) TmR Le monde du skin
  16. hello everybody in fact, there's a problem with translation (the url seems to be too long :cry: ) the only way to download a skin is to get it in french version. I'm going to look after this problem. We're sorry for the inconvenience. TmR Le monde du skin
  17. hello everybody lemondeduskin is open since yesterday ;-) but there's a problem, all the site has changed (the directories) so all the links you wrote on your forum are false (ie www.lemondeduskin.com/skin/galerie_all.php doesn't still exist ) thanks TmR
  18. thanks :-) i don't think there's a reference in english for using the lcd plugin but on lemondeduskin.com and on the twyx's site you have the french doc with a lot of pictures ... ;-) don't ask me to translate it :-) :-) (in my mind you can't put english date ! !!! :-( )
  19. the last version of this plugin works on the e200 ... try to get it ;-)
  20. yes i made this skin ;-) inspired by the skins factory :!!! and no it doesn't have english language, sorry i don't think at the english language when i make my skins :oops: if i have time enough the next days , i'll try to do it in english ... maybe ! otherwise thank you for your article, that's cool ;-) ...
  21. don't hesitate, go & see everybody ... :-) tell us what do you think about ... :-) for the overture there's my new skin ... for those who like my skins :-) :-) :-)
  22. i agree, but Twyx has not time yet to make the plugin better, "one day probably" had he say to me .... for information there's a sdk to do you own mask for the plugin... but i think he works on, to make it really compatible with e200 : look at that : http://forum.sorobangeeks.com/viewtopic.ph...6479&highlight= IN FRENCH .... he he :-) :-) :-)
  23. ah ok , sorry :-) i don't speak very well too ....:-) but i don't see the importance to have the plugin in the skin's install finally ; you install it one time and all skins work .... in anyway the plugin does not work always at the first time ; sometimes we must put a skin without this plugin, reboot and reinstall the skin with the plugin ... i don't know why : and i think that a cab wich will install everything will do not correct this problem ... (i don't know if ths is a correct syntax :-) :-) ) i don't know if you understand what i mean :oops: sorry i do my best :-) TmR PS: 5 minutes to write these 3 lines :-) :-) tel me if i made syntax erros !!!
  24. you didn't see all the skins so !! :-) :-) perso, i use the 1.5 version and all my skins work with ... TmR
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