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  1. I installed the android on My storage instead of SD card in B7610, then everything works except the wifi, for which there is no solution so far. I initially tried on SD card but showed all the problems which are mentioned by B7610 users, so you can try using My Storage, hope it helps.
  2. You are right, I dont support something like that. I was told by the author of OSkitchen that there was one guy who did manage to build omnia ii roms with this kitchen but he never heard from him again. So it is possible. There is a utility which can convert nb to bin which we can use but the problem with platformrebuilder still remains. Regarding ppck, GGuruUSA - great chef can help us. Will wait for your results from that new kitchen you are experimenting with.
  3. Nice to see chefs are working on this visual kitchen. Steel, I also contacted the author of the oskitchen, he tried building rom but faced the same problem. The platformrebuilder crashes. He gave me the following reasons for this; 1. OSkitchen cannot rebuild XIP for omniaii/omnia pro. 2. nk.exe making it to crash, then he tried by replacing our nk.exe with htc nk.exe.........everything works like a charm, no crashes, so its nk.exe which is the problem. 3. He suggested that either we can use OSBuilder or PPCK (if ppck add support for omniaII). I have also read one tutorial on xda of OSKitchen, it was mentioned there that if anyone want to use this visual kitchen then it can be done if one can convert .nb to their rom format (nb0 in our case). Another thing mentioned that if platformrebuilder crashes because of nk.exe, then one can overcome this by using dummy nk.exe (now I dont know what this dummy nk.exe is----whether it is htc replacement or what). I am still searching for clues to make it work or adapting any other visual kitchen. Lets hope for the best.
  4. I have seen people are saying many things about me in another thread, but I dont want to answer any of those stupid questions and I really dont care what these few people think. SOme are saying something here on this thread and saying almost opposite on that thread. I am regular modaco user and when I saw this rom on that chinese site, I was so excited that I simply posted this thread straightaway so that others who are also eagering waiting can also know about this rom. At that time, the chinese author didnt released the password for whatever reason and in the meanwhile user started putting allegations that I have the rom and I am holding it, not sharing it within everyone. I dont know why people think like this, if this was my intention then I would have not started this thread in the first place. I am not developor of this rom nor I am working for samsung, so I had no problems to share, But to share you one should have the a complete package. I was having the compressed rar file without password. I thought If I posted this rar file as it is then people will start saying that I am holding the password and dont want to share. So I was waiting for the author's reply for the password. It is not true, I suggest users who think like this, kindly to go to kingmobi.net and register so that you can ask the uploader or author about the password. I cant imagine why people are putting such allegations, that was the reason that I uploaded the rom as it was (without password) and I was simultaneously looking at the kingmobi.net thread so that as and when password is posted, I can update this thread so that it becomes a complete package. My internet is very slow, so I gave my kingmobi.net Userid and Password to Sumit, who downloaded the rom with password and straightaway uploaded for all of us here. I have made my mind to get a HD2 today, so goodbye everybody and modaco. Really, I am feeling so depressed that I had no such intention which people are saying about me. Sumit I request you to keep in touch with me via email. Inder
  5. Thanks all of you guys, I know sometimes things tend to go out of hands thats what happened initially, but I would like to mention (AGAIN) that I have no grudge against dask, I did apologize to him for whatever happened and also it is a fact that he is indeed the greatest chef for b7610 (Whether he agree or not) but I respect him, I respect his work. I will be more than happy, if dask repost his all roms...............I request dask that please forget everything and lets start again. If anybody who goes to www.kingmobi.net, there it can be checked that when did the author uploaded the rom file and when and at what time did he release the password. I think its an official leak that is why he was reluctant to share the password. www.kingmobi.net is a chinese site and it is China where development for Asia (Maybe Europe) for Samsung phones take place. It is my sincere request to daskalos to kindly come back with all your posts, we really need you, and above all we do need your expertize. Peace Inder
  6. Thanks sumit for the update, also I would like to thank all of you guys. I want that this forum should be the best amoung best, it will happen when we all work together. Thanks Stn., thanks daskalos, and thanks sumit. I am really happy now :D , my 4-month old baby boy is keeping me awake, now he has gone to sleep so its also time for me to go to bed. Tomorrow I will share some of very senior chefs's views regarding b7610 kitchen, what they suggested and everything. Cheers! :D
  7. Thanks sumit, I posted all the info as I get it, you can see edit1, edit2, edit 3 (Snapshots). This is my first post here so I think many guys misunderstood me, they thought that I was having it at that time when I opened this post, which is actually not true. I started downloading after this post, before that I was searching for more info about this rom on other forums or official websites. Then I requested the password from the author/uploader, which came today, so I immediately posted them here. It is not true that I was holding this rom, if I had no intention of sharing then why would open this post in the firstplace. I could have kept it myself but its my nature that why not share when we can. Daskalos also misunderstood me, I apologized to him and I apologize to him now, I really respect him and I have no hardfeelings at alll. Please forgive me if I offended anybody by any means. If anybody still feels otherwise, then kindly let me know, I promise I will not come to modaco again, I will leave forever. Indivx
  8. Guys me and sumit are trying to get it uploaded to mediafire or anyother server. Its not my rom, I got this info yesterday when I went to kingmobi.net. The author posted the password today only. I have some pics which I downloaded from that post, I dont know how to add those here, should I simply upload as attachments because when I select Insert picture a box opens and asks for URL, should I give the path their. Please tell me.
  9. Did you get it, I am trying to upload lets see how much time it will take.
  10. Sumit, its not just registering but you also need points and other stuff to view the hidden attachments in that forum, only registering will not get you the download. Check you PM, you can use my login details and get that rom.
  11. I shared when I got the complete info, not because what Omid66613 said, I really dont care what he said, you can read other posts, people are as excited as I was but how can I share when I only had incomplete rom, what good it was without the password, I dont think anybody can crack that kind of password easily. As far as daskalos, you are concerned I really dont have any hardfeelings, I didnt mention your name in the thread, its you who posted his PM. I am new to samsung phones and the cooking is different then htc, that was the reason I asked for your help, atleast you should reply, whether you can help or not. For me sharing; if you have something (info,tools,knowhow) which can benefit others, then it has to be shared and I will definitely share it. Otherwise I would have kept this rom without telling anybody about it, I could have easily done that. There are other senior chefs who helped me unconditionally, and one of them wrote a brand new tutorial just for me. WHether it is ajesh or anybody else you always ask whether the problem which you are facing with sense is resolved so that you can cook it into your rom, you ask what you need bro and there is no harm in it. I already said, I respect you for what you are doing. I have no regrets. I you feel offended then I apologize. I am here to learn from people who are so talented so that I can do whatever they have been doing. If you downloaded this rom and liked it then please support daskalos as a favor to me. Thanks all of you guys for your comments. Regards, Indivx
  12. I have the rar file but dont yet have the password, if you can crack it, I will upload it
  13. guys the source is reliable and i indeed have the rom downloaded but I cant share it with you guys right now. Atleast you guys now that its gonna be JE2, I will try to get the screen shots (But I dont promise anything). So guys our wait will be fruitful afterall.
  14. B7610INUJE2 rom Uploaded with ImageShack.us Original download - http://kingmobi.net/bbs/viewthread.php?tid...highlight=b7610 EDIT-2 RAR password - [email protected] Mirrors: Will be available soon (Uploading) - Done By SUMIT Regards, Indivx
  15. can this kitchen be used for b7610 omnia pro, and will the tutorial be same for this device............Please OCK......help us so that b7610 community can also have their own cooked roms, people who know how to do it or having their kitchens and other tools for cooking are not kind enough to share with rest of us, why chefs do not want to share their kitchen and knowledge of cooking. Please provide us some hope Regards, Indivx
  16. Hey buddy which sense installer cab are you referring to.....link please Nice looking screen you got there
  17. If you really hate HTC then what are doing in this thread in the first place because it is clearly mentioned Daskalos 6.5.3 Rom with sense 2.5, no SPB is mentioned anywhere. People like just criticize everything......you guys dont appreciate the hard work and effort daskalos has put into all of this......WHY? :rolleyes:
  18. why not integrate the megalite rom with rodium sense, as I have read that there is a discussion on xda thread that Rodium is much lower in terms of hardware configuration as compared to HD2 but Sense performs as well as on Leo or HD2, so they suggested that rodium sense is faster as compared to HD2 or LEO sense.......rest you know best Daskalos. Megalite and rodium sense with some added features like Cappuccina did.
  19. We appreciate your work daskalos, and I believe if we keep this forum alive then it will be most favorite place for many, I wish whenever anybody search anything which require customization, googles shows only our forums on the top, this can be done by supporting each other's work. I am reading lot of articles and tutorials to know how to cook, which is the best kitchen, etc etc.... which we can use for our b7610, but whenever I see anything new it either comes for HTC or omnia 8000 and somewhere it might be written that this mod can be applied to b7610 but not sure. Like Rod ported HD2 to Omnia II, I wish I can get a good tutorial so that I can get in depth knowledge about cooking. I am willing to put every effort to make something like that, but then I see people like you daskalos and sumit bhardwaj who are doing their best so that people like us can make their wishes fulfilled and that too........................free. You guys are doing a great job.....hoping that I will learn asap and join this team. I really respect your work and appreciate your hardwork, no matter what some losers say....... All the best
  20. Can you please explain that when you flashed this JC2, did you keyboard layout also get messed up as mentioned by some people here......how exactly did you get it right or back to original (or English) keyboard layout............Please need your help urgently. THanks in advance.
  21. can you please explain that if you used all the parts including the JC2 CSC then howcome your phone specs are showing CSC as IJ2 and phone IJ1. Thanks
  22. Are the colon and apostrophe on the keyboard are the only two keys which are messed up by using JC2 CSC or is there anyother change as well.............please explain Whether you have found any tweak or setting which can solve this problem or you just replaced the CSC with another.....if you simply replaced the CSC, please tell us which one you used to solve the problem. Thanks
  23. Hi anil, I would like to know which OCtan's Downloader version you used for flashing the rom. Regards
  24. Thanks sumit for your help and information which you provided. I also read the whole thread and I also wants to know that after flashing all the JC2 parts except the CSC, let the phone start or boot----is it now that we delete the files you have mentioned in the 1st post or after installing your uploaded rom pda part. I just asked about the JC2 CSC as somebody mentioned in that thread that the keyboard layout for only two symbols has been changed by using the JC2 CSC and rest is fine. I am asking only because that why cant we all here in our country cannot update all the latest parts of the JC2 as many other people are doing elsewhere as our phones are not network locked or service provider specific.............I may be wrong.........but believe me your answer will definitely help clear my doubts. Thanks for your support and We would also love if you could add another TUT regarding cooking roms using the kitchen which you mentioned you have now. Really this is what I really wants to do. Regards Indivx
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