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  1. Update: I tried something as simple as putting in another sd card and low and behold it works fine so I'm going to try copy everything and reformatting the 32gb before moving it back. Hopefully that should do it but it is strange that the card is recognised just fine on my laptop, cwm recovery etc but not on the rom.
  2. Realised the same thing. No way to format external sd in settings/storage. As I still have access in recovery I figure I'll try a backup, factory reset and restore. XDA thread moves too fast for anyone to pick up my issue and help so hopefully someone on modaco might have some ideas. Have you tried checking mounts in recovery? There might also be an option to format in there. But take care its emmc/external sd rather than internal sd. GT-9100 CM9 using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks Didn't think of that. Sounds sensible. Will give it a go but still wonder what caused it. GT-9100 CM9 using Tapatalk
  4. Just updated to the 0413 build of CM9 Nightly and for some reason the sd card no longer mounts. Usually mounted/accessible on emmc or mnt/emmc but not anymore and it won't mount by tapping mount sd card in settings storage. It's mounted just fine in CWM recovery and all my files are there but not in the rom for some reason. Rolling back to the previous nightly build didn't fix it and I have a horrible suspicion restoring my backup won't either. Anyone have any ideas? Not getting much help from the XDA thread so far. GT-9100 CM9 using Tapatalk
  5. Excuse my ignorance but it doesn't break root or recovery does it? Would like to be sure I can do a nandroid restore just in case. Thanks.
  6. +1 on settling the pentile issue and clarifying if any extra real estate is offered by the bump in resolution.
  7. What's with the slow and often unresponsive market? Is it an issue with the rom, or the new market in general? Anything I can do about it?
  8. Martin Fields are nice if a little pricey, though they are the only ones I've seen that come with a protector for the camera. Personally, I'd recommend the SGP steinheil ones. Don't take too long and decent price from exportprive. Pick your poison, crystal clear, extra tough or anti glare. Perfect fit and top quality.
  9. Any chance of ADW as a launcher option? Also, anything I need to include to make sure I keep the sweet clipboard function. Cheers
  10. No, but I'm thinking that is probably due to having my 3 SIM in an O2 phone. Still on KE2 and having battery issues. Wondering if I flashed the 3 ROM I can solve this and finally access Skype for 3.
  11. I'm in the same boat, though I don't think it's to do with three alone as I have an O2 handset running with a three sim. Follow atinm on Twitter, he's a Cyanogenmod developer who has recently been given an SGS2 by Samsung. It'll take some time, especially as the US haven't got their hands on the phone yet but I'm sure it will happen, this phone is going to be everywhere and it's not locked down. The only issue I can foresee is if the US variant has a Tegra 2 processor, which has been rumoured :-( Also recommend signing up to the Cyanogenmod site to keep up to date. Eventually Paul will come good with an MCR, which will provide the latest and greatest.
  12. Me too, despite having replaced the launcher with ADW and having no need for their attempts at social integration, touchwiz 4.0 actually has a lot of nice additions over stock. I know Paul mentioned doing an MCR over Twitter so I'm guessing the kitchen will also be there, but you known Paul, too many devices and not enough time!
  13. For £14.99, there is a company saying that they can unlock it (removed the linked - sorry need to reread the forum rules I guess - but google is your friend). Have no experience with them but looks legit. Interested if anyone else does, or can suggest a cheaper alternative. If I can't unlock it, it's going back. For me, Three's One Plan is the only thing a phone like this deserves ;-) For braver souls out there, I also happened across this link, which suggests a unlock code for free. http://www.misophones.com/2011/04/unlock-s...-galaxy-s2.html For £100 less than anywhere else, I can live without NFC, the infrastructure's not there yet and I'm not sure I want to be waving my SGS2 about everywhere I go.
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