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  1. Hello - sorry to open it all up again. I have a hero (2.1 modaco rom , just installed ) I used above methods before rom flash, and had custom ringtones& notification. Default ringtone is no problem as you can set that from the file itsself wherever it is (set as ringtone) Notifications don't have that facility. Now as above i cannot access my custom ringtones. . I have tried all paths --- ended up having made and copied mp3s to: /sd /media/audio/notifications /sd/audio/notification /system/media/audio/notifications (the mp3s are listed there, right alongside all the stock tones) [using roote explorer for access here] the mp3s exist in all of these locations now, but from the SMS messages programme, the list of notifications offered still does NOT include my custom tones. Perhaps I ought to mention that, i thought I got it working yesterday, using the root folder, but it seems to have reverted. i wouldn't swear to it though as my brain has ssoftened recently !!! Many thanks, A
  2. Hello, target: modaco cooked rom installation have just rooted my HTC hero, using androot. had some trouble booting into recovery mode using home/power - phone would hang with a red warning triangle and exclamation mark over an image of a hero. REsolved this by using 'quick boot' (android market). performed nandroid backup installed amon ra recovery-RA-hero-v1.7.0.1.img now again I cannot get into the recovery mode. (same warning triange - have to pull battery to start again) [**] have tried home+power, quick boot, have tried from command prompt - always the same. [**] from 'better terminal emulator' on the phone's screen result is 'not permited' (sic) MAny thanks Alex ps - since I posted I have installed rom manager and flashed clockworkMod recovery once again - first attempt booted into recovery without problem. I made a rom backup and prepared to flash the new rom via rom manager. But once agfain I am blocked - recovery mode won't open, even using rom manager. I am still trying to flash the modaco rom, rather than the cyanogen mod offered through the rom manager appliction. I feel so close to this first flash experience. Hope we cansort it. thanks in advance, alex firmware 2.1 update1 baseband version kernel version 2.6.29-5f74b252 build no CL183682 release-keys software no browser WebKit 3.1
  3. The good part is that they honoured the warranty in spite if its being an ebay purchase All they did to repair the g-sensor was to flash the new 2.73 ROM - I had gathered from various posts etc that the motherboard might have been f'd. Otherwise I'd just have gone straight to flashing the MoDaCo rom, which is the plan anyway. but the ROM is locked, as I feared unlock shop didn't keep the code - I know more about it now and would go the official route - cheaper and HTC would accept this and not relock the phone apparently. get FREE PAYG sim from t-mobile using its phone number T-mobile will supply unlock code for £15 or so As it is I bought the turbo card which was quickest and cheapest and so far it works - i am calling, browsing OK. I will leave it a few days to see how it all works and then go modaco. Presumably after that the need for codes will be over and I will be able to remove the turbo insert. I think??
  4. sadly that is the problem - I no longer have the unlock code. that's why I'm messing about trying to find alternative solutions (can't get my head round paying the 20 quid again!)
  5. It's possible that customer services were covering their backs in case of motherboard or even entire phone replacement (so new IMEI) when they said phone would have latest rom and wouild be locked to T-mobile again. so my question is will I need to pay for a new code or can I use a piggy back 'turbo' system like the one suggested in a earlier reply ( http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=140383822664 ) just to get out of t-mobile and install the modaco ROM. thanks,
  6. Hello - I have a recently had my 1.76 t-mobile G2 Hero unlocked (£20) and intended to install Modaco custom ROM. but g-sensor accelerometer started playing up so i ended up sending it to HTC for repair. Apparently they will 'install the latest software' which means it will come back locked to t-mobile again. there's no vodafone ROM so I can't ask them to install that either. My question is this: will I need to get the phone unlocked again, or will the ROM installation do that anyway? Please can you tell me the sequence of steps I need to take if this can be done? thanks,
  7. Hello Modaco, Please forgive the newbie needing reassurances: I have just bought and unlocked ( with thanks to & advice from XDA-dev) a t-mobile hero. (build no: CL47212 release keys) it seems sensible to go with a new rom, now, before it gets all filled up with apps and settings. However i am confused, in spite of the simple instruction quoted above. Among other items I feel I should get to know about (but don't know where to start) here is talk of: whether to wipe (1.76 build) whether to root (or is that included in the custom rom 3.1) what does the patched recovery image do nandroid posts include this description "a script that will enable anyone who has root on their G1 and has the engineering/dev spl bootloader [1] (or has a dev phone) + a recovery image with busybox and adbd running as root [2] " : so I am no longer sure what is appropriate or not for my particular hero. at what point in the procedure do i install the recommended radio upgrade please can you help a newbie become less new, Alex
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