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  1. After physical pulling the camera module out, yeah it must be hardware related. Maybe I will take it apart again and disassemble the camera module. Even if it breaks it's not like I can resell a phone with a camera that doesn't work. I still can't believe I bought this piece of crap. I viewed review videos before purchasing and didn't notice the lag would be so horrible. Why did you have to change your screen?
  2. Just tried with Samsung Camera Cab JCE WWE, IL2 WWE, JC2 GER and it still says 'absence of camera module'. The flash works though, there was a flashlight app on one of the ROM I installed. Weird...
  3. I flashed it with 2 different ROMs so far, it still doesn't work. Do you know the links to get the different versions of the camera software?
  4. Hi, Would someone knows where to order B7610 parts? Like the camera module, I want to replace it... Phone keeps displaying 'absence of camera module' whenever I try to run the camera. I took it apart and the connectors seems to be in place... dunno why it still doesn't work, so maybe I should replace it. Thanks.
  5. This is new MainMenu is the only good thing about the B7610. It's very fast and responsive like it should have been in the first place. Too bad, everything else about the phone is slow as a snail.
  6. The problem with message "absence camera module" dissapeared and my camera worked again for about 2-3 weeks, then suddenly again when I tried to use the camera, the message "absence camera module" appeared again and camera does not work... I don't plan to send the phone back to Samsung, it's a bad idea, they might just break it more, scratch screen, etc. I tried installing Dasklalos' camera cab, but the problem still persists. Isn't there a way to fix this ourselves?? Someone gotta know : (
  7. I don't use the camera everyday, but about 2 weeks ago when I used it, it worked everytime, but after seeing an image for a few seconds, the screen freezes up then the camera interface crashes. This morning I get the error message all the time, yesterday after I hard reset it 3-4 times I got the error message 90% of the time. The camera simply doesn't want to load... Original ROM PDA: B7610NXXIK2 PHONE: B7610XXIK1 I didn't install any hacked rom or anything.
  8. 90% of the time when i try to use the camera it keeps saying : "camera application terminate due to the absence of camera module" I did a hard reset, then the camera worked for a few mins, after that the message keeps appearing... camera doesn't show pictures, it black. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks
  9. I use Opera mobile to view Youtube videos or any other streaming videos website, everytime it load tiny videos resolution of 176x144 in Arcsoft Streaming Player... is there a way to view videos in 320x240?
  10. Can we use the US Omnia II travel charger for the B7610? :D Is it safe? Reason for me is that if it's safe, I'd rather get a US travel charger of the Omnia II to use with the B7610 rather than using its original "European travel charger + US power adapter" to charge it in the US.
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