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  1. Hey Paul, I'm not sure if it's jsut me, but I can't see the kitchen anymore. I know you've stopped development on it, but I've been a fan of your ROM's for a while and need to sort out my Mrs phone. I've downloaded the base ROM you've made for now but don't even know what options are in it :( Thanks as always and keep up the awesome work!!
  2. Just to add my 2c... Mine's varied from about 10 seconds to 10 minutes at different times and locations. I've even had it get a location in seconds and then about 15 minutes later take a few minutes. I've also got what I would consider a pretty thick case on it and it doesn't seem to affect the time. I know this will seem like the stupid statement, but it really does seem to depend on you current situation.
  3. Randomly, do you have NoLED installed? It may be one of the settings I've changed (not experimented yet) but since an update about a month ago whenever I plug mine in NoLED starts up and stops the screen automatically switching off. As soon as I kill NoLED, the screen switches off as normal.
  4. I Agree with maedox... Generally there'll be an app to do what ever you need. Just wanted to add that I'm using WidgetLocker and there is a slider that can be added to your lock screen to change between Silent, Vibrate & Audio. Also, Tasker does have the feature needed to change settings depending on the orientation of the phone. I have a feeling Locale can probably do it too, but ever since it came out of Beta it lost a lot of features and destroyed battery life, also Tasker is a fair amount cheaper from what I remember.
  5. Ah man, had me really excited there for a minute, although it's probably more my fault.. I'm waiting for a Case Mate Clear Armor to come out... Similar to the one they did for the Galaxy S(1) http://www.case-mate.com/Samsung-Galaxy-S-...Clear-Armor.asp Not sure they'll be able to do it though, with the back of the phone being all textured. Was awesome barely having a case and it's great when placed on smooth surfaces cause of the friction, it almost feels like it's sticking, slightly. Thanks for looking and letting me know!! Edit: Aha! I've just found that Zagg already do a skin, just need to find it in the UK now.... http://www.zagg.com/invisibleshield/samsun...ins-shields.php
  6. Completely agree about the screen protectors. I've found recently that everyone's trying so hard to make the protector cover 100% of the screen that they have no margin for error, or are actually slightly too large and you end up with bubbles around the edges. I bought one on e-bay and just ended up trimming it before installing and got a decent fit. Not a fan of cases either and would rather get a Case-Mate or Zagg skin, but until they're available, I'm waiting on this to arrive (ordered 4th May but still not turned up, so maybe find it somewhere else) as it looks like it's nice and slim.. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWNX:IT
  7. It wasn't the asking for an update, like hundreds of other people do across the range of mobiles covered on here, it was the unnecessary comments about the amount of views and his 'failure' to reply and the comment insinuating the loss of your £10. Have some respect and lose the sarcasm.
  8. And thank you for being a badword! I 100% agree with AndyCr15, Paul cannot be expected to dedicate his life to pleasing everyone on this forum, he probably has other things he is busy with or even other phones/OS's. Be patient! Also, like you said, you paid to use the kitchen, you did not pay to be a demanding 'customer' who can tell someone when to do something or insist on a reply. And of course you're going to get multiple views to a post titled 'update MCR' people are going to think there is one and will be looking for it, it does not look like a request/demand. If you're going to make a post asking about an update, why not title it something like 'When will the next update to MCR be available?' You'll get a lot less views from people thinking they're going to get some sort of useful information and a lot more people telling you to stop being a 2 year old and to have patience. Please note, I speak solely for myself and the views and opinions included in this reply are those solely of my own.
  9. It's been a while since I did mine (sept 09) but was prompted for it again after installing a custom rom a few months later. Used http://www.thephoneunlockers.com but they don't seem to do HTC Hero's on Orange anymore. Cost me £23.10 and I've still got the code e-mail they sent, so if it prompts me again I can just re-enter it without stuggling to find it or paying again. Think they're charging around £14 for a Hero now, so might be worth getting in contact with them to see if they can still do them. I've used several of the roms before 2.1 went official, than stuck with Paul's ever since. Not sure how much that helps.
  10. You definately rooted? I seem to remember getting a similar screen, if not that one, just after HTC returned my Hero. Install Root Explorer from the market and see if it will allow you to reboot the phone. You can do a second check installing Root Explorer and seeing if it will allow you to mount the root folder on you phone to Read/Write (click on the 'Mount R/W' button at the top of the screen). A final alternative method to check is to install Titanium Backup and opening it. Upon opening the app it will ask for Root access or tell you that it is unable to access root. Not sure if this is the issue, as you are getting the recovery screen, so should have root, but there may be some way of producing this that I'm not aware of.
  11. Dreaming Sheep


    Nice one. Keep an eye on it though, mine did the same thing and I was able to get rid of the icon the majority of the time (cleaning, disconnecting and re-connecting a data cable/charger or rebooting) but eventually it jsut would not go away. Since I got it back (a few months ago) it's been a bit more firm placing cables into it, in fact one barely goes in.
  12. Dreaming Sheep


    Had the same problem. Send it back to HTC for a repair. They'll replace the connector in the bottom of the handset (the USB/Charging connector).
  13. Hmmm, any chance you could upload it somewhere else too.. It cancelled itself after 89MB and now fails to start downloading. Thanks in advance.
  14. Don't you then have problems with updates? Or do you download the APK again for each update?
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