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  1. Your ROM does not support to install HTC Phone Canvas 2 from Daskalos ROM. I want to use complete HTC experience ROM. I hope will add some missing HTC component to this ROM. Thanks,
  2. How to format new partition that was created by Android emu and reinstall the new version of it? I just try to update related file on my storage and Android still unable to connect to any operator.
  3. I am .Net developer. If you want someone for working on .Net compact framework please call me. :) PS. I hope to run Windows Phone 7 on my Omnia Pro like HTC HD2 does. I guess this New UI should not be Windows Phone 7. :lol: It sound like some custom UI like HTC Sense or SPB Mobile shell.
  4. Is possible to restore all modified icon to its default? Most of icons are not make sense to me and I hate iPhone style icon. :) Thanks for you still alive in this forum!
  5. I'm very impressive with this build of Sense-based ROM. Everything is good ,including my unique appointment bug is fixed in this release. But I still have some suggestion for improving this ROM before final release. 1. Change default lock screen to Windows Phone lock screen or other high quality lock screen. 2. Disable clock flip at home screen. 3. Remove RSS Hub from home screen or move it to new tab next to home tab. 4. When I create contact number as quick link in home tab, I cannot call his by using this button. Because it make HTC Sense not response same as it occurs when I try to drag quick lunch icon item the home tab. 5. I just found 2 HTC Sense in tab Items of Today setting. One name "HTC Sense" and second name "Sense". I try to lunch "HTC Sense" but it does not work but "Sense" is work properly(I use this setting for restarting HTC Sense when it hacks because above condition). And I have one question about HTC Canvas. In HTC dial page, if you press call button on your phone, it will show HTC dial page that I think it has a bug. If my finger does not release call button before startup time of HTC dial page. WM will dial to first recent phone number in list. But I have not ever seen in default dial page and Samsung dial page. Do you have any idea to fix this? PS. Notification summary that open when we click at notification icon is great. I like it.
  6. Because this is a public beta test so I can give you the password of this ROM. "pleasedonateifyoucan"
  7. If you still want some tester, please give me a link to download your new test ROM.
  8. I just apply your uploaded registry to my phone but it does not work for me because it's very hard to use. Someone please export MorphGear registry from your Omnia Pro for me. PS. It might cause by you export key from another phone that has difference keyboard layout.
  9. I just try it on your new Sense ROM(WinMo 6.5.5) but I cannot apply Global settings because OK button is not displayed in Global settings screen.
  10. I know. There are a lot of game emulator on Windows Mobile. But I don't know what emulator that can completely use/map keyboard of omnia pro to play game. Is it possible? Thanks,
  11. After one day testing for your Sense optimized ROM, I feel it much fast than your recent Sense ROM, including displaying menu, tab switching and calendar mode switching. Good work! I still have some remaining question. Do you have any way to play 800*460 video on Omnia Pro with 16M color-depth. I try to play it in Core Player but it cannot smoothly play this video (about 48% of original speed). However, I can use Samsung Touch Player or Windows Media Player to play but display output still is 65K color-depth. Thanks,
  12. I just try to use Core Player to play MP4 video (800x460 almost same as display resolution) with your setting. But it cannot smoothly play it. In the other hand, Samsung Touch Player can smoothly play it without any lag. However, the one thing that Core Player is better than Samsung Touch Player that is it can display 16M color in 64k color-based OS. However, it does not display completely smooth gradient but it look quite better than 54k color in Touch Player. Do you have any suggestion?
  13. I agree with you to OC Omnia Pro to 900MHz because if you OC to 954 that is the next step in your OC program it will make some artifact in display output. PS. Is it possible to create some CAB to apply to your recent Sense ROM for speed up overall Sense performance? I don't want to frequently flash my Omnia Pro more than once a month because I think this ROM should not much different when compare with your 6.5.3 Sense ROM.
  14. Do you have any program for assigning W&L button to other thing that old unused function? Second question, is it possible to use camera button to capture current screen like some program in Symbian 9.4 5th Edition? Thanks,
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