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  1. Hi today while sitting in class I got a msg on my htc hero saying eclair 2.1 is available to download and install and that it is recommended to do this ota update over a wifi connection.... So what did i do, I obviously waited till i got home and hoped on my wifi with my hero and waited for this message to pop up again..but no msg came Im currently still running 1.5 and its not rooted yet(dont want to root it) I also did some research and it said on the htc website that i have to wait another 7 days for this message to pop back up, and to manually check for an update u need to go to settings>about phone>check for update............but i dont have that option anywhere? ive gone through all of my settings and there is no option to check.. I dont want to wait another 7 days for this msg to pop back up and let me download maybe somebody has the file already and I can just transfer it over to my sd and install from there perhaps Pleasse help somebody
  2. This is what i did, I synced all my contacts to gmail using firefox ( from firefox i used an add on..just forgot, I think the picture of it was a monkey with a purple background ..idk just google how to do it) and from there i used the exchange server on my phone (active sync) and synced all my gmail contacts. Pretty simple took about 5 minutes to do everything :lol: You can just google how to do, there many ways. Try google-ing - how to sync facebook contacts to gmail..and then from gmail to your phone..just set up a wireles exchange server and sync the contacts. If you need help pm me or something
  3. I find the scrolling ALOT smoother and faster. Also I find it renders quite faster and in general i like it better then opera 10 and mini 5.0 Dont get me wrong its pretty much the same, only major difference i liked was the scrolling, but all in all, opera 10, OM5 and Om5.0 are pretty much the same (actually not so much 10 and mini but yea )
  4. Hey Im 100% behind you on this but from my past experiences, A citizen vs corporation, Yea you might get to sue them and get money blah blah, but let me tell you, you wont even put a dent in their financial profits..But hey as long as you get what you want from the company who cares right? Goodluck buddy and hope for the best (Y) Ps if i sound like im being rude..im not, im just saying suing a multiBILLION dollar company wont do much damage. Oh 1 more thing that might be of consideration, You might want to rally up some people in houston (or whereever live, i assume houston because u said that XD) and launch a class action law suit. That might put a dent in them..MIGHT Good luck :lol: Im here to help if you need legal advice :)
  5. You might be trying to send that text in a location that has no coverage I get that same msg when i dont have signal XD maybe you should just try software reseting your phone ?
  6. ahh i had the same problem. yo most likely flashed the wrong phone file. (.bin) and i think csc file. i will upload them later tonight
  7. Thanks for the reply but i just reflashed the rom with my old phone file. Everything seemed to work fine after that
  8. Okay so i believe somebody posted about this a while back in january, but its been updated and I decided to give it a try and i loved it. So its called Inifinty and all credit goes to the developers of this. I would post the link to the site i found it at but I cant due to forum rules (N) Im pretty sure its on another website but I cant post the site i found I re-posted the original post from the website i found this from. And so no body complains about copying or taking credit for this..I do not take credit for it, I am just simply sharing this with the members of this forum Also I have done some quick customizations to the theme and took some screen shots. Hope you guys like it, I know i did. Simply install to storage and run from menu :huh: Pm me or leave a comment if you need help with anything Original Post Infinity v0.2.8 Alpha (freeware) Requirements: Windows Mobile 5/6 Overview: New user interface for Windows Mobile devices, featuring a slider lock screen, home screen widgets, and a revamped taskbar. Its basically a Android style UI. There are still some important things missing (e.g. contact list, messaging, etc.). Here is a small todo list of what we're planning to do next: - Create more widgets - Online addin to browse and download widgets/themes/wallpapers - Lots of options to configure your Infinity - and so on This version works with Windows Mobile 5, 6.x. As this is a very very early release, please don't feel offended if we ignore your ideas as we first want to implement our ideas and create widgets, which takes some time. As soon as Infinity advances to beta stage we're also thankful for new ideas/improvements. BUG reports are welcome We're really excited to see your themes and widgets. Let's make Infinity the most customizable and flexible Windows Mobile replacement out there! Small update on 2010/01/03: - Added to more widgets - Added options to the shortcut widget - Improved taskbar and hardware button support - Some small bugfixes Alpha 0.2 2010/01/17: - contact list - sms browser - call log - Read this: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=1369&p=7462#p7462 Alpha 0.2.1 2010/01/19: - Bug fixes - Basic landscape support Alpha 0.2.2 2010/01/20: - Bug fixes - Improved performance! Alpha 0.2.3 2010/02/10: - Bug fixes - Better support for Windows Mobile >= 6.5.3 - Added a theme manager (options -> second page) - Added a settings file for themes to change positions and colors of controls (will be extended) - Added control panel menu (start menu -> "Infinity Settings") - Added wallpaper options - Less memory usage - Added option: Use Windows messaging tool to send messages -> Use this if Infinity's sending method doesn't work (e.g. HTC HD2) - Added option: Cache favorite start menu items -> Increases the performance but also the memory usage Alpha 0.2.4 2010/02/14: - Fixed: HD2 home button when locked - Added two new widgets: wTasks, wGAlarm. They're still very basic and will be improved of course! - Added T9 and cursor (= normal textbox behaviour) to textboxes - Added lockscreen options and customization (see the 3rd options page) - Fixed: Startmenu gets updated when installing/uninstalling programs - Better memory management Alpha 0.2.5 2010/03/13 - Improved scrolling speed - Improved positioning of widgets and startmenu items - Added some information to the widgets list - Added a new layout to the clock widget ("Lockscreen layout") - Added current weather from G-Weather to the clock widget (currently, this only works if G-Weather is installed) - Added options for following widgets: clock, messaging, call log - Fixed some bugs (thanks for the bug reports) Alpha 0.2.6 2010/03/13 - Fixed startmenu bug of 0.2.5 -> sorry for that! Alpha 0.2.7 2010/04/14 - Updated to .NET CF 3.5 - Fixed some bugs Alpha 0.2.8 2010/06/13 - You can now add and edit contacts - Fixed some bugs Infinity_v0.2.8_Alpha.cab
  9. Next time do a quick search on the forums (or google), Its already been posted somewhere here Download a registry editor Some options are Resco File explorer (comes with a reg editor) Regedit CEregeditor Depending on which 1 you download, It will either be edited via computer or your phone. I recommend downloading resco file explorer. I find it really easy to use, finger friendly and its very fast. You get a file explorer + a registry editor + system info + a today plugin (ithink) Anyways once you have downloaded and installed it on to your phone, just navigate to where ever you want to and change the value, add new strings do what ever you want etc. Note* Be sure to make a back up of your phone incase something goes wrong in the registry. If you dont know what your changing in the registry, then dont do it. Be sure that the path you want to edit has been confirmed by someone else that it works and wont mess up your phone.
  10. Next time you install something like spb, make sure you exit from it before uninstalling
  11. Hello so I havent seen anybody post much about this app, I personally think its great, Its 1 of my top apps i use (this and Palringo) So I thought I should share it -Has voice recognition for most of the features -Movie times for your location, also you can call to buy -A web browser (local weaher forcasts) -Traffic updates for your location -Driections via text input or voice recognition (a-b/b-a) -Maps -Favourites/Recently viewed page How to install Download .cab in the post Install to my storage Run Note*Tip* It will ask you for your location and I believe in some countries this app won't recognize your location, So I suggest that when it asks you to if it can locate your location, I would put no. If you put yes sometimes it will get the wrong location and your searches might not be relevant to what you need. Bing_.CAB
  12. Install the .cab Open file from menu Change DHCP from "no" to"yes" Appplication Menu->save profile (**---> this step isnt really necessary, its just saving it so you dont have to select dhcp and select yes everytime you open it) Apply the profile (i usually apply it twice because sometimes the 1st time doesnt register) Note** Everytime you turn on your phone, you will have to apply the profile. As for the WIFI key, you can try reseting from your computer. Try connecting with an ipod or ps3 or something that uses wifi other than your phone, if they dont connect its most likely because the key has changed, if they do then something is wrong with the omnia, I suggest a hardware reset if thats the case. WifiProfilesInstall.CAB
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