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  1. That would be awesome. I've been modding the stock rom with stuff as I see fit.. cyan is just too bloated for me. I did the install manually on my stock rom, but CM/MCR uses /etc/init.d in the initrd which doesn't exist in the stock rom so I couldn't boot and had to flash back. Was too lazy to break out the initrd.gz and find out what changed heh.
  2. So it sounds like something in the boot process/initrd must be modified to support this new camera since we can reflash whatever kernel we choose? Is it possible to get this workin on a stock ROM? If it is I'll go unpack one of those boot.img and pull out all the needed stuff, but I assume getting those htc frameworks loaded might be our show stopper..
  3. Your phone is booted up to the white screen from holding the trackball and it says Fastboot USB above the menu items? You also installed the drivers so the nexus one is seen by the OS? If so you'll have to let us know the error and what fastboot-windows devices shows. You need to be in the directory where your fastboot and dlls reside when using the console, unless you place all 3 in windows\system32 or some system path.
  4. Do you have USB Debugging enabled when you cause the su permissions screen to pop?
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