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  1. Thanks, I thought it was Samsung site for Korean. I was able to dump the ROM, I tried extracting files but ROM Dump was ineffective: it extracts files in dump folder but then removes everything...
  2. I can't find a link to download it. Could someone share? Regards.
  3. Hi NRGZ28, I just gave your ROM a try, really beautiful! But I experienced the issue that when keyboard appears, the contents of the window shrinks. Also fields like user and passwd for Facebook, for example, shrinks, but characters introduced are displayed not shrinked. Is that normal? Thanks.
  4. I don't remember at boot time. After installing panels SPB diary, Elecont weather, Resco CM and menu app iPhoneToday, typical is 85MB.
  5. After a LONG time, updated with build 26, based on JJ1.
  6. I am not able to see I8000 under Ubuntu virtual image. How should I8000 with Android running register under WinXP? Should I have WM running to access Android partition?
  7. I'm in Italy, what should be the difference? This beta is only English and Chinese, and market works ok here. The important thing is wifi. Are you able to browse? If wifi fails for some reason (it happened to me), the market will not work.
  8. Hi speedfrog, about 6.5.3 version, is Daskalos Easy Set S3Clock v1.6.20 included? Is it working? I understoold S3Clock works only with 6.5.
  9. I know other users saw same behaviour. I never saw it, but you can restore the start menu by using Advanced Configuration Tool in Tweaks.
  10. Exe was the same. The difference was in registry entries. Thanks! Here is original camera.exe. Camera.zip
  11. Could you share a link of a .cab containing that 2.5 version? The one I have does not have that option at all...
  12. Hmmm, I don't have as well. I have to check the setup cab. The WM lockscreen is a simple cab.
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