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  1. I had this and had to uninstall Skype... apparently snapchat does the same
  2. interested in this myself... about to give up on the phone... using b895 baseband 109808 / rooted open to ANY suggestions :)
  3. Cheers certainly interested in hearing what caused it, mine has just gone back but won't hear anything on mine as its just a catalogue company. Keeping this new one on gingerbread lol - have installed a halo launcher so it looks and feels more like ics
  4. Well back to the shop it is then, fingers crossed they don't notice the boot screen and recover screens have magically changed lol
  5. Bump Anyone else seen this or have any suggestions?
  6. managed to get adb and commands give same results as original poster
  7. FYI I tried this guide http://community.giffgaff.com/t5/Blog/Guide-How-to-root-and-install-Android-4-0-3-on-Huawei-Ascend/ba-p/5781620 I went to b934 trying force back to b926 stops 1/3 of way reinstalling b934 zip file straight from recovery fails well stops around 90% :(( unsure of the adb stuff as not up on that yet but open to suggestions
  8. watching this with interest as I'm having exactly the same issue!!!! by the sounds of it we followed the same guide :( I got the phone saturday and its been fine since then when it rebooted today randomly and then stuck on the splash screen, one weird thing is that last night when I Plugged it into charge it booted straight into recovery. really hoping this isn't bricked as its literally a few days old and my first 'cheap' phone :angry2:
  9. I believe it goes into archive first on the myphone site you can then restore it back to the phone by clicking the button
  10. The letters GSM seem to be appended to my stored texts now - wonder why?
  11. Sorry I dont have a clue... just came across this app in the software forum that looks like it may be of use http://www.modaco.com/content/pocket-pc-so...1-0-6-released/ Happy modding :-)
  12. Hi all, Bought a HD2 on O2 yesterday... The tools menu is missing from pocket Outlook so I cant add additional folders to sync, search remote server (ex2007), add signature or put out of office on!!! I there a hidden menu I cant see somewhere??? Cheers, Wayne
  13. Having no scroll wheel or dpad how practical is the phone for flicking through messages
  14. I reflashed it with the newer TLR ROM and restored from my Sprite backup and all is well Sure is nice to have my GPS back again :-)
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