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  1. You can try this: Extract the modified styles.xml after you've compiled it. Then open the original framework with zip/rar and replace styles.xml with the new modified one. Sign the apk and flash it. I think that's how i did it...
  2. Recompiling that framework gives tons of errors. Sorry, it just can't be done. I remember spending a day trying when i had the Pulse...
  3. RT @xdadevelopers Thread: [APP][Android 2.2+] MIUI Launcher 2.1 (based on QQLauncher) http://t.co/RG5RWCH

  4. Account/Edit friends/Contacts

  5. My 4GB card is full. Need more storage space. 30 euro for ADATA microSDHC Class 6 16GB http://t.co/leKO5Nx

  6. I know i sound crazy and desperate but that's precisely how i feel...

    [email protected]

    MSN messenger: [email protected]

    i'm counting on you....

  7. it hard originaly the 2.1 installed... but now .. i dont know if it has anything at all..i cant do anything besides entering on recovery...

    Please you are my last hope... i just dont know what to do anymore...i have been searching day and night trying to get an answer on how to solve this....but the more i search the more confused i get... the harder it is to find sense in anything....

  8. I have been trying to talk with my country android community for 2 weeks without any answer... i have lost all my hope in this...

    The phone actualy has clockwork mod recovery and is boot looping since i tried instaling FLB....

  9. Sir, i noticed you are great dealing with mobile phones... and i have a huge problem with huawei U8230. I dont know if you could give me a bit of your time just to try to help me out. I have tried almost everything and i think my U8230 is almost dead... i really need a hand ... i have been trying to read and get help from everyone....

  10. HTC Desire Gingerbread update discussion on @modaco - http://t.co/DvLj2YW

  11. If you are a custom rom user wait for Paul's MCR, if you want stock Gingerbread upgrade now.
  12. Updated My Desire to official Gingerbread...

  13. Flashed the 2.3.3 RUU and I'm happy with it so far. Scrolling is smoother overall in menus, app drawer and screens. Battery life seems improved. Fast Boot and restart options are added. Also the flip clock is animated. All the G-apps are updated, no new market tho. Sense version remains the same (no fancy themed Sense). Quadrant scored 1025. P.S. Needs root and A2SD so Go Paul :P ...
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