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  1. thanks chef. just double checking. i flashed the july 4th GTX 29022 rom and found it somewhat buggy. the popup menu sometimes are "bleeding", and the icons sometimes are messed up. when i make a phone call, it sometimes displays the number of the previous call. appreciate the effort though!
  2. i agree but opera seems to update slowly, now it's not even updated for the WM version, only for the WP7 version. as long as the autorotation is not disabled I am not going back. UCWeb speed is not bad at all., and it has some nice features that Opera lacks. it kind of reminds me of NetFront.
  3. Dear chef, is .Net CF3.5 installed in the rom? Some of my apps that requires .Net CF3.5 crashes all the time. thanks for helping!
  4. can anyone give me a hint? I just want Opera to stay in portrait mode always. thanks!
  5. I am using the GTX 29020 April 30 rom, everything is fine except that once in a while after a reset, I will get a .net CF loading error. Has anyboy got that and what's the solution? I am wondering if I could just reinstall the .net CF 3.7 or something like that. any suggestions?
  6. could you pls specify that. i am considering flashing the 29019 rom. currently using the 29016 rom and happy with it, no such bugs. appreciate it.
  7. i tried the MS rom, and found out it's not as stable as NRG roms. so I switched back to NRG roms. I do appreciate the hard work by both NRG and the MS team though. you guys are amazing!
  8. thanks again Chef. one minor bug, sometimes when i try to make a phone by tapping a contact's phone number, it will instead dial whatever is on top of my call history. i have to end the call, and try again. and this time, the bug will not happen. do you know why?
  9. I flashed the 21916 GTX rom, and after one day of testing, I must say, it's very good. Thank you chef!
  10. why is there no more cookie 1.8.5 roms? personally i thgout it provides a nice alternative to 2.0.
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