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  1. Ok guys, before I get the usual crap about why didnt i buy a Desire, let me explain. I purchased my nexus one, almost a year ago. I love the phone, even the quirks here and there. I dont however like the fact that there isnt any native sync solution. for stock android. Ive been waiting more than 6 months for a desire build that would supply that. And with this latest build from Paul, ive found it. Earlier today I flashed the hotspot fix. And lost sync again. Paul or anyone else, could you include BOTH in the next build? Or is there a way that I can do a workaround? I tried pulling a hotspot app from the market, and it wont work on this build. It gets SU, but is non operational. I know that I should have waited on a desire that would work with AT&T, and I wont make that mistake again. My issue is that I dont have the money to spend on another device at the moment. And my work requires that I use a cabled sync for contacts, and calendar data from outlook. If anyone was or is willing to help, you would have my greatest appreciation. J
  2. Ive been playing again, and I cant seem to get the HTC IME to work. Any suggestions?
  3. I couldnt get it to work either. And I really wanted it to. This kinda sucks.
  4. Try flashing the new radio. That might do the trick.
  5. Has anyone been able to get HTC sync to work?
  6. One thing I noticed on cyano's rom versus mcr was battery. Liked the feel and aps2sd. Didn't like the battery drain. So I flashed intersectraven's kernel and the battery life got a lot better. I've also noticed that my n1 shows an H instead of 3g. Probably from the rom. And my reception got better. Seemed to not jump around so much. Hope this helps ya out. I'm a novice too.
  7. Is there an updated driver to flash?
  8. Modaco's custom vanilla. And home++. Cool idea.
  9. Modaco's custom vanilla. And home++. Cool idea.
  10. I got mine working by flashing my stock rom. I no longer have root, But my wifi still works. Im going to try flashing the "rooted" version of my stock rom, and see if it is still working.
  11. Did you ever get the WIFI working?
  12. Ive managed to get the recovery image. Flashed the downgraded radio image, and now I have no WIFI. Should I update the radio again? OR do I need a different driver? I Used the standard superboot to root.
  13. Thanks to all of you, I finally got it. To be honest I was starting to feel like I was using the "Milestone" that I just dumped to get the nexus.. Many Many Many Thanks.
  14. ok, im ready to toss it out the window. I tried using the kitchen to cook a stock rom, with what I need. And its saying that the update.zip isnt signed and it aorted the install. Im trying to use the stock bootloader to get what I need. And im just stuck..
  15. ok, ive tired fastboot, and the response from the console, is: c:\fastboot> fastboot 'fastboot' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I do have fastboot extracted to the directory Ive used to CD into. I am not getting it. ITs giving me a dad blame headache.
  16. ok ive ried launching the adb shell and its saying that the device isnt connected..
  17. Ive manages to get root access and SU permissions. Ive used titanium backup to give me a good version of busybox. I just cant figure out how the heck to flash the new recovery.. It was pretty easy coming from my Hero. I made a gold card, applied the recovery as an update.zip and I was done. This is getting to me, Ive tried for a few days and its still not working...Anyone got a "noob" set of instructions?
  18. IM having the same kind of trouble. When I enter the command the terminal on the phone is either telling me that theres no flash image thats found, and when I use the command prompt and CD into fastboot, its saying the command is not valid. This dosent make any sense..
  19. Ok, IM not even getting that far. I get a flash of a prompt screen and thats it. Ive tried reinstalling the drivers. And still no dice. Man, I thought this would be easier than rooting the hero Ive tried doing the commands from a prompt. And I get <remote: signature verify fail> So I figured that I need to unlock the bootloader so I tried using the command prompt, and I get AdbWinApi.dll is missing, What the heck? ITs in the same dad blame folder. Anyone want to share how to correct this? The other responses to the thread say that they have figured it out, but they dont say how. Whats the deal?
  20. I just acquired a moto milestone. And am tryin to gain root. Has anyone made any advancements for us North Americans?
  21. GMail unread count on the market works pretty well.
  22. Anyone else have this problem? And is there a solution..
  23. Im using a blackberry case that i got from fleabay... I believe that its for the BB 7100i, costs like 6 bucks and accomidates the phone with the extra battery.. Its kinda snug at first, but it loosens a little by the third day. And works like a charm... Hope that helps ya. j
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