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  1. I would love to test it but my Omnia 2 is broken since june 2012 :( I hope others will test it for you though! Goodluck!!
  2. What phone did you buy? I got an galaxy nexus now because my Omnia 2's GPU randomly decides to die. But I will try this new update. Just love Android 4.1.2 on my Nexus now :P
  3. Hey, I made my phone but it seems like it refuses to charge right. Just when I see my homescreen on Windows Mobile it justs shuts off with it's shutdown logo. It also gives me a warning about my battery being empty. Been charging for 4 hours now. tried the stock Samsung charger, Sony Ericsson X10 charger, LG GT540 Charger, an intel PC, an AMD pc, an laptop. Tried 3 different cables when charing with the pc/laptop, still a no go :( I posted it here because I think this part of the forum is the most active of them all.
  4. Ahh bummer! Right when the development started getting track, my phone is dead :( ipaq, you are doing a great job! If my phone was working, I would test them all out ^_^
  5. Yeah it sure does :P Your kitchen might smell awfull when baking it but the smell will go away quickly :) Just pre-heat your around 200 degree's, put it in for 10 minutes with the GPU facing UP. After the 10minutes (oven shut down) let it sit in there for like 5 minutes and then get it out and just leave it. Don't touch the card! Leave the GPU for around 1-2 hours to let it fully cool down. Then cross your fingers and try it out! I yet have to try this for my omnia2 :D Soo busy with my exams right now :( @xheretic Yea, but I am not allowed to get my hands on that :( I only got 70% isopropyl alcohol which is bad for electronics T_T
  6. Whahah XDD Seems like I am not the only one that does crazy things xD My phone swum in Lime water so that's alot worse than normal water =S I swum in it for around 20 minutes XD I am very unlucky and you got very lucky :P
  7. That made me LOL haha :P Well, I had this phone since the month it was released. I never throw away a used phone, just so that I won't forget my experience with it ^_^ This is a hardware failure caused by my own actions. I swum with it in June 2010 in turkey in Lime Water (that is BAD for electronics!) That must have caused to rust from the inside :( I will try to use the 'Oven Method' to fix my phone by putting the motherboard of my phone in the oven. I used such a method previously for the GPU of my laptop which still works :)
  8. Ahh. I think it's better for me to move on to another phone. But thank you anyway :)
  9. I will try that now. Nope. Since yesterday morning, when my phone still turned on and stuff I could not charge! I just tried it with the USB cable and my computer said nothing. I think that my phone is a 100% brick now. The hardware in it died :( I wanted to keep this phone for a very looooong time and use it as music player because it has SRS WoW HD :(
  10. I did use ipaq's kernel modification with the belonging modules. Only when using the standard music app on android I heard some stuttering but I think that, that was because of the phone clocking him too much down. On PowerAmp (also a music player) it did not stutter. A year ago I got all over my screen weird green spots. That was when I was on Windows Mobile aswell. Yesterday, when I wanted to check the time, my screen was covered with green spots aswell which was also on Windows Mobile. I rebooted it, made a call and when I arrived home, my phone was shut down. Then it would not boot anymore so I decided to plug an charger to it. It first showed the normal charging animation but after 2 seconds it froze and began to get lines all over screen. Then it became green/pink and after around 3 minutes the screen was almost completely pink with all lines across the screen with here and there some green spots. EDIT: The screen won't even show up now. My laptop's GPU has big problems and it's like a magic box now. Sometimes it will boot (only Windows 8 works) and if I try to boot anything else, then it freezes and gets lines across the screen. Mabey my phone will magicly work in a month or so o_O But I won't rely on that anyway. For now my phone will be an Sony Ericsson W300 (.......no comment....)
  11. I think the GPU of my phone is dead :( But don't forget, I swum with my phone almost in Juni 2010. It was in lime water which was on a mountain in Turkey. It was for around 20 minutes under water. That must have cause this. :( My phone is totally dead now =(
  12. Well my phone is dead T_T It's a shame, I wanted to use this phone till Februari 2013!!!! Aargh :( When I try to start my phone, it shows a battery icon that it is charging my phone. Then it gets all lines in it and the charging animation freezes up. I get all weird lines across my screen and the screen turns green/pink. Can't even start it :(
  13. Why did you make ext4 and swap on My Storage!?!? Make your phone normal. My Storage normally has a hidden partition and a FAT partition. No more than that! Format your sd-card to fat32. Now just run ANDROIDINSTAL.EXE from o2beta folder and it will do everything for you! There is nothing more than that to do =|
  14. But the Lumia 610 has an Adreno 200 GPU. As far as I know, Windows Phone only supports Qualcomm chips. Our Omnia 2 has it's own Samsung chip so it's a no-go.
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