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  1. Hello guys I know this sounds crazy but I am actually trying to reflash my Omnia today and give it to friend as a temporary phone. Unfortunately neither Octans nor Octans mini detects the connected phone. I have Win XP SP3 machine and Win 7 64 bit too, but I seem to be unable to do it on any of those. I also don't really understand that samsung modem drive installation. It just extracted to a folder and that's it. When does it get used? Anybody remembers or have tried this recently and have some tips? ;) Thank you

  2. Hello, I have stumbled upon this amazing elder scrolls like RPG game but it is only shareware which needs to be registered to unlock full features. Unfortunatelly www.clickgamer.com offers just iPhone games now so there is no way to legally purchase this. There is some info on developer's website

    http://www.redshift.hu, but it does not look very promising.

    I found some keygen but it doesn't work :-] Any ideas? You can PM me if you know something. Thank you

  3. Hello maybe it is a dumb question and it's a basic functionality of many twitter clients, but at least my PockeTwit does not have it

    I want the client to be able to hide read tweets, because I follow too many channels and I am not online so often, so everytime I want to see what was new yesterday, but I haven't read it yet I have to scroll deep down under the ton of new tweets to see it. I wish something similar to Google Reader.

  4. Hello, I read several reviews and I was about to buy Omnia II but now I am really not sure if I want to bother with some crazy utils or settings to prevent my phone from closing apps I want to use :-\

    Sorg thanks for the clear explanation where is that reserved memory, but can you please finish what you started and clarify how it is with that pagepool? Am I right that this can be changed only with custom ROMs? According to this thread it is as I say


    Rodrigofd february is here, so how does it look like with that XDA guru? Did she find anything? But I guess there is not much to look at now after Sorg's explanation :-\

    Have anyone tried this EverApp http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-everapp.html if it can prevent Samsung's wm_close to kill applications? I guess it will not work in Omnia's case...

    Anyway I agree with those who say Samsung is almost lying (as well as other smartphone manufacturers) if he says there is 256MB of RAM. I think that RAM is something totally different then this! In a computer world they would never include amount of graphics memory, CPU L2 cache or memory on the TV card or a sound card into total amount of RAM! Oh yes a GPU in pc can use some amount of RAM via AGP or PCIexpress, but this CAN BE set or even disabled. RAM which is invisible and cannot be used as a program memory should not be named RAM, but just "memory" or something like that and customers should not be bothered with numbers how much of it is in their phones if they cannot use it! Not talking about the situation when you have the same or even less available memory on your new phone then on the older model with "just" 128MB RAM just because your new one has more MPix in its camera :D

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