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  1. theres two versions one is with B7610 apps other with i8000 it explains itself in the first posts i think thats your problem but 100 persent as only just grasping all this stuff
  2. Its not multi lang mate thats why u cant change it
  3. Its mode mannager always been there nothing new
  4. Yea in setting/ display and light/veiw more screen off time
  5. Hi just saw the new rom for i8000 and it has a new menu upgrade like menu 11 but better and the cube can anyone extract tem for our device i would if i could
  6. i have a b7610 want to see if the 3d cube menu works on it but need a cab which i cant could someone who cooks roms make one and upload it
  7. I really fancy checking out the i8000 3d cube menu on my b7610 but i need to find a cab if it compatible but cant anywhere does any one no if its possible
  8. They should be there try hard reset or some thing im new to all this so dont take my word for it but every thing is on mine
  9. Thats what i use and i have both home screens samsung today and the wiget one is that what you mean
  10. If it the mega lite its been removed the full one has everything on it that what i use but it depends on what you want
  11. Is this rom for everyone am very eager to down load but wondering when Regards Vince
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