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  1. So, my cat just chewed the business end of my TF cable. I can no longer charge the tablet. This is a serious problem as I can find NO WHERE I can buy a replacement. Not even Asus will supply me one for any price. What to do? Buy another TF and use the PSU from that, then sell the first one once I can buy a replacement cable? Enjoy my new paperweight until Asus start selling cables/PSUs.
  2. I performed a test over the last two nights. Night 1 - Undocked tablet in sleep. Tablet and dock at 100%. After 8 hours dock at 99% tablet at 95% Night 2 - Docked tablet in sleep. Tablet and dock at 100%. After 8 hours dock at 78% tablet at 99%
  3. There is currently no way to buy a replacement cable. I've even contacted Asus directly who confirmed this. The only way I can see to get one would be to purchase another TF101. Which is kinda silly. Guard that cable with your life because if you lose it or break it, that's the end of your Transformer until Asus decide to start selling accessories.
  4. Based on the US pre-order prices, the keyboard dock on it's own will be £100. Do what I did and return your TF101 and then go and buy the bundle.
  5. So, you're telling me that Asus won't be releasing the dock as a seperate item? I find that extremely hard to believe.
  6. Well, I took my replacement back yesterday, same faulty screen. I exchanged it for an Asus EEE Pad and put some cash in. I was pleased that the agreed to refund the dock and the case too. Wasn't expecting that.
  7. Can't seem to find anyone with it even up for pre-order or anything. The asus offer for the cheap price has ended now too.
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