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  1. no its not normal.. but i have it to :) lost signals, random restarts, OpenGL problems, games frozing.. even playeble games after few minutes frozing.. and battery must go out.. but this is problem from R1, R2, R3 .. looks like this cannot be fixed.. :(
  2. hi, interesting, with this rom i dont have 3G restarts.. but if i turn off mobile data and wifi for night.. at morning i dont have any signal from operator and must restart.. (so data must stay enabled.. np i have sheduled backup) :) OpenGL is better and faster in this rom.. but more freezing.. more games then in 4.1 etc roms is freezing now :(
  3. ok so after few days of testing.. 2 phones whith cm10.. both restarting on 3G.. when i move with car restarts more times then walking.. maybe problem is when swithing to another BTS?
  4. testing on 2devices.. one device 2x restart for last 24hours.. second device no restart at this time.. both same settings.. interesting..
  5. some games crashing.. - shadowgun:deathzone - (on 4.1.2 slowly but working) - sector strike - freezing phone some games looks faster.. - arcane legends
  6. 3g restarts on B954 (last generic) to.. so restarts on all firmware versions... :/
  7. - where can i get update.app B952 or anothers? - in info page on my device i have 2030.. so witch BXXX it is? (running now on R3 - 3g restarts.. today going to R5.. or R7(what is R7 no patch notes :) ) ) thx update: B926 = 2030 in system? so i need search on huawei website official update B952 ?
  8. i have Vodafone card.. its relative new.. 6 or 8 months old sim.. its Sim plus.. V128 ... i think 128kb and all 4 devices in our company have same sim card model.. restart on 3G data is 100% just everytime..
  9. i /we have problem.. in our company we have 4x G300, 2x with rom 4.0.4 (2030) and 2x with 4.1.2 (2030) ... all devices have same problem.. reboot if they are connected to 3G data! ... it restart after 30s-1min.. and makes restart all time... :( when i check use 2G only everything is ok... its avaible some fix for 3G radio? or radio as it self? thx for help..
  10. - no gtalk - no mail for exchange - ShadowGun now imposible to play.. - launcher to slow (better with apex+enable dont turn off) i dont know what to think about this rom... :(
  11. 800 X 480 RECORDING where?? i see only 640x480

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