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    OTG Cable

    hi i ordered a cheap one from ebay, that had the label as being hudl2 compatible and it worked brilliantly. hooked up my 32gb USB stick and copied files over no problem.
  2. good to hear turboteeth i'm going to go through with ordering the brand name SD, although even on amazon there are reviews of them being faked from them!
  3. aaah POV. to answer that, when i returned the SD card back from the tablet to the laptop, none of the newer files were displaying. only the original 1st wave of copied files. I think you're right. I'll go with a Kingston. 32GB, class 10 I think should be compatible. I will also look at ES file explorer, that could be a nifty way of saving time. thanks for the help everyone
  4. Hi George, thanks for the fast reply. It is a cheap card. I have previously used cheap ones successfuly... although it might not be the case here! What does POV stand for? I would like to use cloud storage but my home address is fairly rural and so my upload speed is unbelievably slow and would take hours to upload 1 GB
  5. Hi everyone I bought a Hudl2, overall I'm happy with it except one issue that is frustrating me. I understand that Kitkat 4.4.. has restrictions on writing to SD cards but I'm confused on how to move forward. I want to transfer movie filmes onto my microSD from my windows 8 laptop to the Hudl. I inserted the microSD (32gb) in the Hudl, formatted it and dismounted. I put it into the laptop, copied some files over without a problem, plugged it back into the tablet and worked great. I wanted to copy more, dismounted it, plugged back into the laptop, copied files over and plugged back into the Hudl. The odd thing is that no new files appeared on the card. Tried this process several more times and each time the laptop would acknowledge the copying and pasting on the sd card without issue but only the 1st wave of copied files ever picked up. I tried running SD scanner but this found nothing. Can anyone help explain this? Also, in future, how would you guys approach copying files onto the SD card for the tablet? Doing it directly through the USB cable is painfully slow. Thanks for the help!
  6. thanks for the suggestion, i'm googling SmartGear now. if he can get snes support running at an acceptable speed without sound on my 201mhz cpu then im buying it! l.b. was kind enough to help me and tell me that i can run genesis without sound but not snes. i've ordered the s710 and so i'm looking for suitable programs now!
  7. Hi everyone, I want to buy a htc s710 and it comes with windows mobile 6.0 ( Windows Mobile® 6 Standard) Processor TI's OMAP™ 850, 201 MHz Memory ROM: 128 MB RAM: 64 MB SDRAM I would like to put on a snes, megadrive, and mame emulator. However, before I buy this phone I would like to know whether i'd be able to run these emulators (ie at full speed?). NB: I wont need sound thanks for any help on this. i really am new to this. NB: if its a yes, please could you recommend an emulator too. thanks again

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