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  1. wimo 6.5 or 6.5.x its doesnt matter.. lite rom for that its important.. :huh:
  2. @twu2 why i cant actived vibrate n ring? i choose that but only ring without vibrate..
  3. thx for video tutorial, makin easy.. moderator please pinned this thread ;)
  4. u don't need fpu enabler on JD1, bcause it doesn't work hihihi..
  5. hi twu2, can your i8000nxxjd1_lockscreen.cab use on another rom? fr exmple on JC1 rom? because i like your lockscreen.. ;)
  6. hi the dialog box to chose between earphone, headphone, or tv out still there
  7. wow so fast, ive been waiting for this.. thank you very much my bro ;)
  8. @twu2 thanks a lot for great very lite rom and all cab wht i need..
  9. after u look TS post, i think u can imagine that and dont need ss ;)
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