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  1. Great Paul...I am from India (DDGJ4) and yesterday flashed your JP3 (with repartition selected in Odin)...Excellent experiance so far. Will update about further results. Waiting for your next release...
  2. so what is the final sets of command paul...you are just great!
  3. daskaLOS...WE LOVE YOU. Please be with us and we commit you to be with you with all possible help and donations. PLEASE DASKALOS...nevermind if anybody says something wrong.
  4. Great Sumit!!...what Phone.bin should we Indian use...can you please advice
  5. Daskalos...YOU ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Try This, To install (remember to uninstall previous version) 1. First install Mortscript cab then Easy Set S3Clock 2.0 cab (install in device only) To Use 1.Just select/tap(single tap only) any power/performance settings (Balanced Boost, High Performance, Power Saver, Extreme Power Saver & Extreme Performance). Then after a few seconds device will go to standby. Press Power Button to wake up device and after a few seconds select S3Clock. See if selected frequency is achieved, then exit. 2. If you soft reset device, S3Clock and FPU Enabler will automatically run in start up. You don't have to press anything, just wait for them to run and finish automatically. Your last selected setting will retain upon restart. Note with this version: -If upon selecting S3clock desired setting is not achieved (eg if you select Power Saver (400Mhz) and in S3Clock cpu frequency status doesn't change), just exit S3Clock and select S3Clock again. (This is because upon selecting a setting, new registry entries will be written in the system via MortScript and the registry change will only be valid after a few seconds,3 seconds at least:rolleyes:) -Sometimes FPU Enabler 'causes delay in waking up device. If device doesn't wake up upon pressing the power button, just press it again. If FPU enabler is 'causing to much delay in waking up the device,and it bothers you too much, you can disable it by selecting FPU Enabler and pressing ok CREDITS Goes to: Daskalos Epsylon3 for S3Clock NuShrike for FPUEnabler ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTE: IF YOU DOWNLOADED EASY SET S3CLOCK FROM THE LAST FEW HOURS, IT WILL NOT WORK.... PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN, I FIXED IT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- First let's all thank Epsylon3 for his great Overclocking tool which really works... Second let's thank him again for developing S3Clock, which now allow the overclocked/underclocked value to resume upon standby:) Now, I made a cab that will let S3Clock run automatically at startup and offer some ready configured overclock/underclock values with just one click:rolleyes: I call it EASY SET S3Clock. The easy set values are: 1. Balanced Boost- Processor set at 600Mhz tested to be stable and non-battery draining. Great for normal use. Can be teamed up with FPUEnabler 2. Power Saver- Processor set at 400Mhz. Just fine for phone usage, sms texting,light applications etc. Can be teamed up with FPUEnabler 3. High Performance- Processor set at 624Mhz. For demanding applications and games. Still stable for normal use but a bit battery draining. Can be teamed up with FPUEnabler 4. Extreme Power Saver- Processor set at 300Mhz. Can be teamed up with FPUEnabler 5. Extreme Performance- Processor set at 666Mhz. May hang up your device. Don't use with FPUEnabler. Camera doesn't work. But this is really the fastest our processor can get:rolleyes: Made possible by using mortscript:) Note: Made specially and works perfectly with M900, please test this with an F900 Installation Guide: 1. Download http://www.4shared.c...lock__Mort.html 2. First install Mortscript cab then Easy Set S3Clock. Install both in device not sdmmc/storge card How To Use: 1. Just select/tap any power/performance settings. Then after a few seconds device will automatically restart. Just wait for it to resume to standby screen. 2. To check if the device is over/underclocked just tap S3Clock to see the status. 3. To go back to default frequencies (533Mhz), uncheck "Auto set CPU speed on Wake up" and push power button (you don't have to turn off device, just sleep) and again to wake up device 4. Remember to check "Auto set CPU speed on Wake up" before you try other power performance settings Over/Under-clock at your own risk MortScript Easy_Set_S3Clock_2.0___Mort.zip
  7. Hi Daskalos......................Its one of the BEST CUSTOM ROM, I have ever used....KEEP IT UP. BEST WISHESH.
  8. Yes, "high" is more stable and not actually battery demanding!
  9. Find an free app... OmapClock v2.0 • Summary: OMAPclock is a Pocket PC overclocking applications that has some good options for Omap processors. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=255771 http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-downlo...clock-v2-0.html Can anyone test...me gonna test and update soon on this. Or anybody have structured guideline on Overclocking B7610????
  10. A common thing (OEM Setting)...While rummaging through the phone menus, we ran into something that might be of great interest to high-tech buffs – an app to overclock the phone processor that delivers four different CPU frequency settings – High, Normal, Low and Auto, be we decided not to experiment with the prototype. However, is there any app available like "SetCPU" "Overclock Widget" in android ...which may actually overclock your Samsung B7610 successfully to boost performance gain!!!
  11. Like Hero, Desire we got success to overclock, however no post find on the same when it comes to B7610. Let me start this post to invite all the great overclockers to put their advice/suggestion on "How to Overclock your B7610?" Come On
  12. "For issues and other concerns about this ROM please see post 2."...Please publish details regarding post2 issues
  13. Hi Daskalos..Desperately waiting for this English build
  14. Yes...PLEASE. please upload the CSC, Eboot only (From Indian ROM). Please. Thanks a lot
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