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  1. Thanks CallLight has solved the issue. Battery life is an issue. Battery Calibrator doesn't seem to help.
  2. Thanks , Will install and check
  3. Would like to add, an ongoing call gets disrupted (you cannot hear the other party) when the phone goes to sleep. When I unlock the phone, the call ends. This is serious, any workarounds to this.. please.
  4. Hi, I installed the latest update and so far have no issues and battery life is good so far, considering the continuous usage (exploring Android). I have switched off all GPRS activities. WiFi and Bluetooth are not working as reported earlier.

    B7610 Hardware Teardown

    Very Brave and Great Work :-)
  6. Great!!! Finally .. I can use the front camera :P
  7. This version has a bug, short ring missed calls do not show the caller's number. I had experienced it with earlier versions also. This is a problem as you do not get know who was trying to reach you.
  8. Really Nice ROM. Feels refreshing. Still some improvement is required. Not as fast as thought it to be. Liberty to turn off the Touchwiz is no more. :-) Call Record feature may come in handy at times.


    Hi Pashik, Congrats!! you got it working, which phone are you using?
  10. Dear Ronald, I will wait for the new release, till then will have to do with this version. I am using SPB backup as a solution, you can schedule a backup (usually around 30 MB) and post backup it reboots the device. So every morning I get the phone happy with free RAM. ;).
  11. Greetings Schmintan, I am also facing the same issue. There are a few applications which might help. Please go through the below link. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...orotation-v1-1/ Let me know if it helped. :)
  12. Hi Ronald, The ROM (Custom Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 US ROM 6.5.3 Build 28205 V2) is a memory guzzler. Even if I ensure that no applications keep running in the background, the memory keeps getting held up and doesnot get released. The only workaround to this so far is a soft restart every 2 days (in worst case it is 1 day sometimes), depends on the usage. Is anybody else facing the same issue? If so please contribute. :)
  13. Hi Green, Please see this link, Ernstjanf has provided the steps, I followed it http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...m-using-octans/
  14. Hi Ttrevelian, Wow, it is working. But I wonder what went wrong as both the files (onw with ROM and one provided by you) were same. :(
  15. Hi Ttrevelian, I did not know about totalcommander, will try with it. Thanks :(

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